2015: Personality of a Year

We all have our personalities that we are born with, we then spend our lives having experiences that will shape those personalities, becoming stronger, bitter or more judgmental etc as a result. Our personalities tie in with our Soul Purpose as they can help us to achieve what we came here to do.

We can use the tarot to help us understand the personalities we agreed to before incarnating as well as seeing what sort of year we will have and the challenges it may present, to do this you just need your full date of birth and the tarot will do the rest.

2015 is a 10 (using 1-1-2015 as the birthdate) which is the Wheel of Fortune, this shows us that 2015 is a year which will bring progress and changes to our lives and the opportunity to expand on ideas and plans which we have. As the year moves along we will see new opportunities come to us, we will see existing projects evolve and reach fruition and with Fate/Fortune present our fortunes will change also. 2015 is also a year that we find our beliefs and hopes either sustain us or plunge us in to doubt and despair whilst we adjust and come back out the other side so expect to see beliefs being challenged, it will be easier to deal with if you have an open mind and a flexible attitude. It’s a great year for those who are creative and connect with the media such as writing, plays, film making (YouTube & Video Blogs). We also know that as 2015 is a ‘10’ year it’s pure essence is actually 1 (10=1+0=1) and this brings in the numerology of the Magician so we have the ability to empower ourselves and take control of matters if we so choose 2015 is a year with rich rewards to be had if we want, but to do so we have to engage fully and ride the changes. The downsides are of 2015 that those who like a nice easy life and want to go with the flow and not have any control will see that their plans do not unfold in the anticipated way so sitting back and assuming the Universe will deliver won’t work this year.

When we add to this your personality cars and your soul purpose cards and then factor in 2015 you will get a reading in 3 parts (sometimes your personality and soul purpose are one and the same which concentrates matters and results in a 2 part reading) which will give you insight into your personality that you agreed to at birth, the soul purpose you chose and how this year’s challenges will be part of that. Good luck for 2015

Soul Tarot 3 Part Tarot Reading £15

If you would like a Soul Tarot Reading that illustrates your personality, your soul purpose and the impact of 2015 on you and your life, just get in touch with me.

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