Card A

XVI The Tower

The only way to make way for the new is to get rid of the old so change is necessary, take a long hard look at your life and decide what should stay and what you no longer need that will help the transition. Change is always better on your own terms.

I hope the card helped you. I'd love your feedback so feel free to comment below. Have a wonderful day.

20 thoughts on “Card A”

  1. I’ve had 2 readings from Tracy now. The first was the general one which I didn’t realise was so accurate until I listened again after a few months. The 2nd was a relationship reading. So far proving extremely accurate. Providing reassurance that I am on the right path and my own connection to the divine is always there even when it feels lost. Love x

  2. interestingly I chose the hermit. Yes I’m at a crossroads and no I can’t go backwards. Cars A was the only one that called me lol.

    1. We often feel there is nowhere to go when in actual fact fear or indecision are all that blocks the way forward. Hope you dealt with the crossroads 🙂

  3. Just ended an abusive dangerous relationship for the 4th time, 2 weeks and he’s left me alone this time, though early days.

  4. Spot on – exactly answered my question – I asked about whether I would succceed at Herbalife and Younique – I think the key is to just keep going and don’t give up. Thanks Tracy x

  5. I have a lot to do today and was wondering if it was all possible, this has given me that extra lift in spirits to achieve everything I want to accomplish, have a great day Tracy x

  6. Hi Tracy I have just split from someone it happened all of a sudden he hasn’t moved he’s stuff out yet I feel really in limbo but think this was ment to happen ,I can’t move on untill this is finalized ,also don’t want my 22 yr old son moving in he brings me down ,I just want to be happy and have peace xx

    1. Hi there,
      Sorry to hear how tough things are right now, they will get better. I hope the cards o f the day are helping you, feel free to check in as often as you need.

  7. yes there are a couple of things that I really want but I am so scared to reveal how much I want them or even go for them because whenever I do, I usually get shot down in flames, however I don’t want to risk not getting them at all so I suppose I will have to be a bit bold. thanks Tracy xx

  8. Thanks Tracy, I do have a situation with a certain person.. I really do want to be with him but I am scared too.. I will take the advice and let go of my fears.. Thanks again..xx

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