Card B

]Queen of Swords

Sometimes we need to be more expressive of what we want so other people are in no doubt but it is how you say it not what you say so think before you say anything but also learn when to keep your own counsel

I hope this helped, feel free to leave me feedback.

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24 thoughts on “Card B”

  1. Thank you so much, it’s confirmation to what I am seeking to achieve, have felt stagnant for quite sometime now ????

  2. Thank you Tracy, my intuition is saying don’t do anything yet.. Don’t even contact this person, if they want to know me they will contact me.. However the ego is saying let them have it straight between the eyes lol.. Tell them how I feel, have done this before and nothing changed so I will listen to my intuition and leave it and get on with my life.. I just feel so stupid for believing in this person and what he told me.. Thanks Tracy for the reading.. Love and peace.. Cheryl xx

  3. you are so right there, not seeing any shoots just yet but remain hopeful that all my hard work and effort wont continue to be disregarded and unwelcome. x

  4. Kathleen sharpkathysharp1961@h

    Thank you Tracy that is exactly what I have just done stopped the process to recap was so unsure but feels right now many thanks

  5. Hi Tracy

    Im so hoping this comes true as i need to mive forward in my life but lack the confidence to do this x

  6. Mmmm interesting!!! Very true of how I am feeling today, I am longing for this chapter to close & the next one to open!!!

  7. Thank you Tracy, yes there has been a lot of talk about me moving. I have been thinking this through for a very long time and it is what I want. I only have to wait for the final part of the puzzle to be in place and then hopefully it’s all systems go. Thank you for this it is a timely reiteration.

  8. How spooky is that reading, i have been unhappy for a while & been looking at my life & how to change it, but not had the courage to do so yet as feel torn between what to do for the best!

    1. Do what feels right not what you feel you SHOULD do. My newsletter that is due out by Monday has an article on the way to find your soul’s purpose so if you are not on the Evolution Newsletter list go add yourself xx

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