Card C

Two of Wands

It is not enough to just know that you need more in your life than you have, there is a need to consider what it is you want; more wealth, bigger social circle, more friends, promotion etc so take time to consider what it is that you need to focus on then go make it happen.

I hope this helped, I'd love to hear your feedback.

I'd love your feedback so feel free to comment below. Have a wonderful day.

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28 thoughts on “Card C”

  1. Change is indeed coming!I have to go back to my past soon! I thought I loved someone & realised I didn’t, we were so different, I just ended up unhappy & lonely! So I moved away to sort out my head & heart! But now it’s time to return to my past, tie up the lose ends, to be able to move forward & be around family & friends who love me for being me!

  2. Thank you.. I do hope so.. In a dark place at the moment.. Waiting for a loved one to come back into my life.. Hope it happens soon.. Thank you.. xx

  3. Jasmine-Amy Phoenix

    I am still having space apart from my fiance, it’s been 3 weeks now. It’s good to know that it will help us both. Thank you Tracy x

  4. This has just come true. I have just had some good news about something and someone who is very dear to me. This was before I came her and picked this card. This has made my day. So apt. Thank you so much Tracy

  5. Caroline Buxton

    Hi hun.
    Yes this card definitely applied to me. I feel life and things around me are changing for the better at the moment. I’ve also been looking at old photos from 35 years ago. So yes. Card C really applied to me.
    Thank you for doing this for us. Xx

  6. Yes ,i feel the card is pushing me on, as i am agreeing with the words that come from it at this time,thank-youx

  7. It was exactly what I needed and how I am feeling. It hit more inside of what I need to do. But was hoping for the answer to the outside question I had in mind. But I can go and look up that card. So I would say it was exactly right on! 🙂 thank you

  8. I’m looking for a career change but this card made me realise my steps should be smaller on the new road and stop getting down that I don’t have the experience to go straight to my goal despite getting the qualifications I needed. I an indeed blinkered. …..x

  9. I love the daily guidance. I’ve had a very up and down day today, but I do feel lighter. I tackled some stuff which has been causing me a problem for some time. Great to know that the universe is now going to work with me. Yay!

  10. This has helped as im not in a good place at the moment but knowing the end is insight is good x

  11. Well, I am waiting to hear if I am eligible for a refund. If I am then this will go towards changing my lie completely. I have been tearing my hair out (not literally) about how to find the money and these two things popped into my head. So yes I did have the tools within me if only I thought about it rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Thank you for the message.

  12. Yay! The exhaust went on the car yesterday and I am on the verge of getting a new car. The finance will be in place by tomorrow. My life is going to fly forward as soon as I take ownership. My business is building and I can feel things coming together in a big way. Can’t wait! Thank you for the message. See you soon x

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