Dreams Are Random, Right?

Do You Believe Dreams Are Random?

Dreams are just the brain emptying junk & connecting dots where they don’t need to be connected, it’s all very random. Many people really think that’s true. Your dreams are anything except random, they’re intuitive guidance from your subconscious, your ‘body-mind’ and your Higher Self, they’re sending you a message about what is going on within you psychologically, as well as emotionally, it’s a way to tap into different levels of consciousness, that are usually beyond your awareness.

By being aware of your dreams and writing about them, you are essentially listening in on the conversation between your mind & your body.

Here’s some tips on interpreting them:

  • A daily habit of recalling & writing down your dreams is essential
  • What is actually occurring in the dream?
  • Who are the characters?
  • What is the plot? 

Dream Journaling

Different parts of your mind & body are communicating, they are using images and contexts which will often make sense to you but no-one else. During sleep our body heals and recuperates, a bit like when you call IT Support and they tell you to reboot the device by switching the device off and then back on again!!! The information you are being given through your dreams may seem random and eclectic, yet it is also feedback on the wear & tear your physical body & your emotional mind have sustained that day.

Capture your dreams in as much detail as you can, note that the feelings within the dream may be the most important part, so how did you feel in your dream?

Dreams are an early warning system of health issues within you, so what is not right in your life, what do you need to express or take care of? It may take a while before you understand the language of the dreams, but with repeated efforts, you will crack it. This is why I am not a big fan of dream analysis books, as they are written from the perspective of the author and so will not be right for everyone, dreams are not a ‘one size fits all’ thing.

If you are one of those who adamantly say that you do not recall your dreams, set your intention that you WILL recall them. Keep paper and pen by your bed at night, so you can jot it down whilst fresh, no matter how vague it seems when you wake up. Ensure that you write them down immediately, don’t go and do anything else first! Include any associations such as ‘oh, we had a yellow car when I was 10’ or ‘I’m sure that was Venice, we were only talking about Venice yesterday’.

By writing down how you felt throughout the dream, you will be more aware of your feelings, plus this’ll allow your self-judgement to fade, for you to be more accepting of your internal thought processes.

The boring parts may reveal the most, ensure you have written down as much as you can remember, update it later in the day if more details come back to you, often when chatting with other people or watching TV etc, something will jog a memory, another reason to be more mindful daily, rather than having your brain fully occupied 24/7.

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