Evening of Clairvoyance

Tonight I did An Evening of Clairvoyance with the team at a venue in North Kent (Danson Stables). I was nervous to begin with as numbers seemed low, but as we reached a level that I knew would work I was able to relax.

Again I was given names tonight which was great. There was a hugely funny bit when I was looking at my colleague Paul, I was giving all the evidence the communicator was giving me yet nobody was taking it. I opened my mouth to see if it WAS for any of my colleagues when out popped ‘Paul’, at that point a lady gasped and said I’d got a friend of hers who’d died in 1995 and the name had clinched it! Really not sure who was more taken aback but it just seemed I was drawn to Paul and to say his name for a reason!!

I was disappointed by the blank spots I had where people could not take the evidence I was getting, saying that though, some of the ticket holders were texting, plus its an old building and Paul felt a portal had been opened by us being there.

Discussing it with Vee & Paul after the event they both agreed they had linked with the people I was giving evidence of so it definitely was not my imagination. Add to that that I did not go to pieces or ‘die’ out front and better yet did not assume it was me! Progress after all.

Paul also saw a huge Angel in white energy/light standing behind me, so moving to know that.

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