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I have created, owned & managed various business enterprises in my life, building them with my intuitive skills as well as traditional financial & management skills.

Many business clients come to me for a consultation because they trust the combination of my intuition and my business background. They feel safe in the knowledge that I can understand the world they live in. By blending these two aspects of myself I can help you to make decisions, to be more relaxed about decisions you have already made plus I a reading can confirm the ideas and intuition which you too have, enabling you to trust those aspects of yourself to manage your business effectively.

So if you are looking for intuitive guidance on your business, which direction to go or just confirmation on ideas you already have then I can help you.

Depending on how much you need to look at we can arrange a meeting anywhere from 30-60 minutes, you can look at personal matters in this time too as they are often linked, the meetings are always tailored to what you need.

If you wish to book, simply purchase an in-person or Zoom/phone reading with me here & we can focus on your business, your business goals, direction etc.

Just call me or use the Contact Me facility to email me. I look forward to working with you.

Legal Disclaimer

Please ensure you have read my terms and conditions before booking.

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