Illuminating The Healing Nature of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps: Illuminating their healing nature!

If you’ve ever seen a Himalayan Salt Lamp when it’s switched on or has a candle burning within it, you will know how comforting and warming they are but there is more to this attractive lamp than just it’s warm, cosy, light.

What are they?

Salt lamps are naturally occurring salt crystals which are found in the Himalayas, they are approximately 250,000,000 years old! The crystals come in a range of colours with the traditional peach probably the most popular colour with white, red, pink & orange also available. The lamps come in a range of shapes, including birds, bowls, pyramids and more. Although lamps & candle holders are probably the best known of the salt lamps other items can be found.

How are they different from other lamps?

The lamps are very beautiful in their own right yet they have many hidden benefits which most people are unaware of, luckily if you own one you have been receiving the benefits without knowing it.

Salt lamps emit negative ions into the atmosphere which is a good thing just in case you are wondering! So what is an ion & why should you care? In our atmosphere at home or work we have a range of electrical items which emit their own positive ions but they give out the WRONG ions for us humans. Look around you as you sit reading this and you will see your PC or tablet, your mobile, TV, lights and much, much more, all of which has a detrimental effect on us according to experts, robbing us of our energy, leaving us feeling snappy & depressed.
How do the lamps work?

Using the lamps as a natural ion generator that produce a negative ion will neutralize our environment & its atmosphere by balancing the positive & negative ions which in turn will help improve our health and wellbeing and that of our families by reducing airborne infections.

The lamp or candle holder warms up once switched, this will attract the moisture in the air, as the water evaporates through the salt walls of the lamp, so the lamp emits the negative ions. The larger the lamp the higher the emissions so if you are wanting to neutralise a large room you will need a bigger lamp but a night light size candle or electric one would be sufficient for a small office.

What are the benefits?

The lamps improve the flow of ‘Chi’ or ‘life-force’ we have around us and our homes and eliminates any allergens which may be present so it’s wonderful for children with respiratory issues such as asthma and the soft light keeps bad dreams away plus comforts children who are scared of the dark. In the winter months these lamps can reduce the effects of SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder). It will help boost the immune system which prevents other maladies from taking root – the immune system has a huge job, it is not just about coughs and colds – proving that prevention is better than cure.

These lamps have been shown to boost our levels of serotonin which regulates our moods, when there is an imbalance here we can develop depression, have issues with our sex drive, sleep patterns and so much more because the serotonin acts as a carrier in the body to transport other essential fluids and chemicals it is imperative the balance is correct.

Our mental alertness improves when we have these ion produces in our environment as well as just generally making us feel better

I met a really interesting man at a Mind, Body, Spirit Fair in Essex a couple of years ago and his lamps have a square top where a section of the lamp has been cut off. The idea is that you set the cut off section on top of the lamp to warm it and then take it back off and hold it, this releases the toxins in your body, helps the circulation, the soft organs and cleanses the blood. Obviously check with your GP first but the effects of these lamps are awesome, every home should have one no matter how old the occupants.

Where can I buy one?

Always go on recommendation or independent feedback before buying anything that is health related but some sources I would definitely recommend are your local mind, body, spirit fayre or local new age shop. Make sure you do your homework, these lamps are usually priced by the kilo and for less than 5kg I’d expect to pay less than £50.

Always choose one that you are drawn to as there is a reason you were guided to that lamp.

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