MBS 31st Oct 2015; Meet Our Speakers

Have you met the speakers for our Mind, Body, Spirit Fayre in Herne Bay on the 31st October? Come & find out more, the talks are FREE:

We have:1pm – Jill Larking – Psychic Art

Jill is a medium based in Herne Bay & she teaches a range of workshops for all abilities as well as offering Development Circles for all abilities. Her passion is Trance Mediumship which Jill has developed over many years as well as her Shamanism. Jill is very much the teacher and has had a hand in developing many of Kent’s psychics & mediums including me, she has been working with Spirit for almost 30 years & is as passionate as ever. I challenge you to spend time with Jill and not learn!

Art has been used to enter an altered state of consciousness for a very long time in many cultures, producing: Auragraphs, Psychic Portraits, Inspired Landscape & Abstract Art & as a tool for meditation.

These depictions enable the medium to tune into the Spirit world & bring powerful messages of love to the recipients. Join me to discover the world of psychic art and how even if you cannot draw you can still be a psychic artist. I’ll also be demonstrating how I link with Spirit to draw your aura and give you a reading.

Find out more about Jill Larking www.spiritualityofliving.co.uk

2pm – Matisse Martin

Matisse is a qualified hypnotherapist with practices in both London & more locally in Kent, her own experiences in life have driven her to want to make life better for others and she has had some fantastic results, just look at her testimonials from past clients. Having a healthy mind & body is priceless & with Matisse’s help & experience you can enjoy a happier, healthier life, Matisse specialises in stress & anxiety reduction as well as weight issues but her skills mean she can treat most issues from giving up smoking to educational performance for children. Come and find out more during her talk.

Are you curious about hypnotism and hypnotherapy? Hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist Matisse Martin will give you an introduction to the two. The talk will include demonstrations and a taster at the end. You can sit and watch or join in if you wish. Have a look at her website for more information on Matisse & her services

3pm – Corrina Bristow

Corrina & her mother Janet Bristow are known as Unique Soul Healing, based in Folkestone they offer a range of psychic skills & services to help bring guidance and healing to those in need. Corrina has been chosen by Spirit to bring a new healing modality to us and together with Mum, they are sharing this knowledge with a view to putting together a programme or course where others can train to offer the same healing. You’ve heard of spiritual healing, Reiki etc but this is Unique Soul Healing & is very different, come along & experience it.

I have been working with healing and mediumship for twenty years as a professional. I have been privileged to work with many people and have travelled all over the country to see those seeking love and truth.

People to me are so important, whether they are in the spirit world or walking the earth plain. They can be very fragile and vulnerable and, as a light worker, I try my best to help in some way.

I know from my own life experiences that life is not always that easy; there are times when we feel like hiding and giving up on everything. This is when I use my channel and allow the beautiful and glorious beings from the spirit world to help me.

The one thing that we can all take from spirit is how valuable life is and how precious our time here is. It is important to learn how to really enjoy and embrace our time.
I believe our life mission here is to heal and evolve – Unique Soul Healing can bring you back to your true self and your sole purpose of your life – together we will achieve an understanding.

Our bodies are in perfect state for you at all times, even when we are experiencing pain our body and soul is talking, with Unique Soul Healing we help you to listen and understand what your body is saying, This amazing healing has been channelled by St Germain, and using light workers language sound, and crystals, we help raise your vibration, cleanse your aura and balance your chakras, using facial point massage to relax, which then helps your vibrational energy to flow preparing for you to go through a guided meditation, your healing journey begins.

St Germain works on 7th ray of freedom, and lord of the violet flame he is an ascended master and has incarnated several times which you may of heard of Merlin, Christopher Columbus , Joseph, husband of Jesus’s mother, Francis Bacon, Samuel the prophet, High priest in the “civilization of Atlantis”.

Then I will do a group sound healing mediation

4pm Tracy Fance – The Magic of Tarot

Tracy is a clairvoyant, medium & tarot reader based in Herne Bay and has many years experience of working with Spirit. Tracy is very down to earth and it’s her mission to debunk the spiritual world of it’s misconceptions and jargon so everyone can access and understand the spiritual world. We are all psychic, we can all work with Spirit, and we just need to know how. Tracy teaches Intuitive Tarot to those wishing to understand this ancient tool without having to memorise reams of information on each card, her knowledge of the tarot and it’s various uses is something she wants to share with you, come & find out how you can use the simple every day deck of tarot cards to transform your life.

Need more money in your life? Want a loving relationship? Need the perfect job for you? You need to manifest it and the tarot with a bit of magic can help you. Come along to Tracy’s talk on Tarot Magic and find out another way to use the tarot besides the traditional reading of the cards. Pointy hats & broomsticks are optional!!

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