Starting Your Spiritual Business

Starting Your Spiritual Business


Are you thinking of starting a business? Feel lost and no idea where to start?

My 48 page guide is written for the new business owner and is a mix of my personal journey and that of other business owners, as we’ve all pulled together to live our dream, to follow our passion. I hope it helps your business start up as easy as possible. Good luck.

Starting a business can be very confusing, not to mention daunting! Being passionate about your business is not always enough. Having started two businesses of my own, one of which was a standard business, the other a spiritual one, I have plenty of insights that I wanted to share with you to make your business set-up easier. Over the years, plenty of people in the industry have told me their story too so I have added that too.

As I always say ‘take what resonates for you and ignore what does not’ we are not all the same so a ‘one size, fits all’ approach won’t work. Hopefully if the only tip you get from this book is how to avoid the expensive pit falls then it will be worth every penny!

Good luck following your passion!


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