Street Cat Named Bob The Untold Story

This week I went to see the movie ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, this story seemed to have stirred the nation when the video footage was on YouTube in 2011 & again with the book, why not go see the film I thought?

The reviews were not fab and it made me think twice about going, but as I’d asked my best friend to come & she’d moved a meeting so we could go, figured I’d still go!

For those of you that have not even heard of this true-life story, book or film (where have you been???) homeless junkie James is given a place to live by his drug counsellor who then gets adopted by a cat which sneaks in the window. The cat & James become inseparable; James even takes Bob busking with him which seems to change his fortunes for the better.

Enter romance and the scene is complete, James now feels it is the right time to get clean, enter the Soul Contract!

The way I see it (feel free to disagree), James had lost the ability to love as well as the feeling of being loved, Bob came along & gave James a reason to get up, a reason to live not to mention that he would now experience the unconditional love of this cat and love unreservedly in return. Bob was there for James as he went through the ‘cold turkey’ process of detoxing from the Methadone he was taking. Throughout the film there were crisis points that could have destroyed the process as they heaped pressure on an emotionally fragile person, however James’ need to be there for Bob, to feed him, to look after him, kept him focused.

Because of Bob, James stood out from all the homeless people on the streets of London looking for charity, it made him get noticed, hence the book & film, with the real purpose of Bob’s presence revealed as James goes on to be a real power for good with the homeless, addicts & the other dispossessed of that world. All this probably would not have happened had it not been for Bob. The Soul Contracts here were strong, deep & life changing, for this is the power they have in our lives, it could so easily of gone the other way; James could of remained an addict, he could of given up when the going got tough, he could of sold the cat when he was offered money for him which when you are homeless & penniless would have been tempting, we all have free will, in this case happily he made the right choices.

Look at your life and that of those around you, are you able to see examples of this in your life?

Want to know more about Soul Contracts? Come along on Sunday 20th Nov 2016 & come to my talk in Whitstable? Details here:

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