The Chakra System; The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra 

We’re going to take a look at the fifth chakra which is known as the Throat chakra. The Throat chakra is the first of the spiritual chakras, the chakras from this point up are all about the spiritual connection to the God/Goddess/Universe/Source/Divine, whichever word you choose to use.

Where is The Throat Chakra Located?

There’s a small dip, between the collar bones, at the base of the throat, this dip is the home of the Throat chakra, its colour is blue.

What Is Its Purpose?

The Throat chakra is linked to the Sacral chakra which is all about our creativity actually being expressed. This chakra is about self-expression, communication, it’s about speaking our truth, our ideas & inspiration. This is also the chakra that links to our clairaudience (hearing spirit) & claireloquence (clear speaking). On the downside this chakra is also about the judgement of ourselves as well as of others.

Chakras & Health

When this chakra is not functioning properly, you may have issues with all manner of ear, nose & throat issues; thyroid dysfunction, laryngitis, ear infections, hearing issues etc. I often find in a development workshop that many of the people who attend, especially women, seem to have an imbalance here. During the various exercises we do there will be a lot of deep swallows or coughs as the block starts to ease or rebalance.

Rebalancing The Throat Chakra

We can rebalance the chakra, however, we also need to look at the emotions & thoughts as these will send it straight back out of balance if not addressed.

There are many ways to rebalance the chakras, here’s a few options;

  • Reiki
  • Affirmations
  • Theta healing
  • Visualisation
  • Meditation
  • Food; eat blue foods (there are no naturally blue foods but blueberries & aubergine are the closest)
  • Clothing; wear blue clothes
  • Crystals
  • NLP
  • Yoga

Whatever way works for you when it comes to healing is fine, there is no one size fits all answer in spirituality.

Predominantly women come to me with throat issues, most often it is the thyroid that is playing up, this is generally because they give so much, don’t have good boundaries & don’t value themselves enough. There is generally an issue here with self-expression too. It’s the 21st Century & women still feel they cannot be their fully authentic self. Often this from a parent or teacher who judges them, belittles them or ignores their input, they then learn to not express themselves if they wish to be liked & accepted. Sometimes it is a partner who has repressed them or a boss who has stripped away their confidence & identity.

I certainly learned growing up that I was meant to be seen but not heard, I was not able to have an opinion unless it was one that my family also held. I was ridiculed when I asked questions about things I did not understand, so I learned to not go there! I also learned to give everyone what they needed, at the cost of what I needed, I was a huge people pleaser so I ended up with an underactive thyroid, it’s improved as I’ve changed!

So how does the throat chakra information resonate for you?

Maintaining the chakra system is an ongoing job, it is not a one time thing so having quick ways to check their health state and to rebalance them is key, don’t wait to be unwell before clearing them.

Do you express yourself? Do you let your creativity flow, whether that is ideas or making stuff? Do you fear judgement & lack the confidence to be your true self?

I hope that was helpful? We’ll be looking at the Third Eye/Brow chakra next.

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