What is my Life Purpose?

“Need to Find Your Soul Purpose?” How many times over the years have you wondered why we are here or what the point of our existence is or even what your individual soul purpose or mission was?

If I had £1 for every time I was asked to read for a person so I could enlighten them as to their mission, purpose or path in this life I could probably retire! It is an issue which seems to drive people nuts, including myself!!!! So how do we find out if we do not already know?


“What is a Soul Purpose?”Each and every one of us has a mission to complete whilst we are alive and on this planet so relax you DO have one. Now we cannot all be Mother Theresa or Bono so do not expect your life purpose or soul purpose to necessarily be glamorous or involve fame, sorry to douse your dreams.

Our soul purpose is essentially the reason we are here, it is what we are meant to achieve before we die.


Why Do We Have a Soul Purpose or Mission?” The way to look at it is that we are living in a dualistic world which simply means we must have balance; male/female, yin/yang, up/down etc. So whatever our mission in this life, it will be to even out a previous life, but remember you are NOT being punished, so let that go, instead you chose this mission for a reason even if it is something which you consider mundane!


Can We Find Out Our Soul Purpose?” Yes we can find out, it will be easier for some than others and there are various ways that you can access the information. Here is a case I had some time back but it will give you an idea what to look for and how to understand the signposts which are already around you.

I always recall helping a lady who wanted to know her life path and it turned out she was already doing it; she had grown up with mental health issues within her family which caused emotional damage for the rest of the family and they just did not understand why they were being put through it, so she trained to go into mental health to gain insight from the inside, this helped her make sense of the family dynamics and their pain, this was her life purpose, to understand & educate others.

Another great example to help you is the case of the charity fundraiser and cancer sufferer Sue Tomlinson; this brave lady was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer back in 2000 and at the time doctors predicted she had 18 months to live. She had a young family which made her determined she would see them grow up, they would know who their mother was. She died in 2007 sadly but not before she’d raised £1.7 million for cancer research & cancer related charities plus had 5.5 years more than doctors told her. It is truly sad that such a strong, remarkable lady died yet she raised awareness of cancer, raised millions, and proved her resilience and fight. If she had not been diagnosed with cancer, none of this would necessarily have happened. This could well have been her Soul Purpose. Starting to see what I mean?


“How Can I Find out My Soul Purpose?” There are various ways to get the answer to this question, you just have to be committed and really want to find out. There is not a pill you can take that will magically show you or magically make it happen, that is why we are here.

Hypnosis – Regression can be a great way to get your conscious mind to step aside so you can access the subconscious, after all we plan our mission before incarnating so it is in there, we simply are amnesia. (Always use a recognised and recommended hypnotherapist).

Meditation – This is a fantastic way to get the answers but it will take time, do not expect revelations on the first try, although it can happen. You will need to discern the difference between intuition & imagination, this is the hardest part.

Past Life Reading – There are psychics who can link into the Akashic Records (the filing system of all past, current & future lives) so they can see what you have experienced in the past and why you have the life you do now. Most if not all of what they say should resonate for you, again go on a recommendation to be sure.

Your Life – The life you have already led so far will also help you to determine your mission as there will be some tell tale signs which you can use to point you in the right direction.

Answer these questions:

Are you a leader or a follower?

Are you someone who is psychically developed, do you teach or do you want social reform & improvement?

Do you need to be the centre of attention or do you prefer being in the background?

Do you need to be in control or do you go with the flow?

Now you’ve answered the questions we can move to step 2: Take a look at your home or office where you relax the most and look at the themes of the objects around you. What objects do you have a high proportion of, what areas do they relate to? This is your area of interest. For me it is books and my psychic related items.”What Do I Do Next?” Now put all these areas together and you should see a picture building of your life purpose. You will have one main mission but there will be smaller sub-missions that are part of it too.

I hope this helped; maybe you can set some fantastic new goals for 2015.

It’s a lot easier than you imagine, honest.

Thanks for reading

Tracy Fance x If you’d like to actively seek your life purpose, take a look at my Discover Your Life Purpose workshop and see if it resonates for you.

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