You are not on this page through chance...

the universe has guided you here for a purpose.

As with everything that happens, it is planned, great things come from seemingly random or chance occurrences....


Discover Why Here.....

Do you feel that your life is not filling you with joy right now? That you are just not as in love with it as you'd like to be?

I can help you to change that. There are three paths open to you at this point, depending on where in your journey you are:

Psychic Readings

Are you are in need of direction, guidance, confirmation or insight? A psychic reading can be the answer. Let's get you some clarity.

Ready to work with me? Contact me to book. If you need more information first, use the learn more link below.

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Coaching With Tracy Fance

Let's identify where your life needs to be & what needs to change for you to have that life. We'll work together to create it.

Ready to work with me? Book your 30 minute complimentary call. If you need more information first, use the learn more link below.

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Training & Development

Personal & spiritual development; let your soul grow & shine, I offer a range of worshops to help you on your journey.

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Clear and Concise Advice

 I highly recommend using Tracy Fance for her clear and concise advice. She replies incredibly quickly with detailed and amazingly accurate information. I was impressed by how quickly Tracy got to the heart of my question and showed me a way through it which kept my options open.


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