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What Is A Reiki Share?

Reiki Shares are where people holding a Reiki qualification can meet up on a regular basis with other Reiki qualified people, whether they trained together or not.

Why Have A Reiki Share

It's a great opportunity for Reiki qualified people to come together and get practice, swap treatments, ideas, methods, news and of course get valuable credits for their Continuous Professional development (CPD) & so much more.

There are many forms of Reiki; Angel Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Usui Reiki, Shambala Reiki etc. It does not matter which system you have studied, nor does it matter which level you have qualified to, the meetings are made up of those who hold Level I through to those who are Reiki Masters.

Many people decide they wish to train in Reiki but then find they have nobody to practice the Reiki on in order for them to progress to Reiki II. You will find many of my students at these meetings, as well as people who have not studied with me, they all have the same thing in common though; they want to give healing and benefit from a session. Typically those who give healing often do not get a chance to receive the healing they need and we should always top up the well, we can't give from an empty well.

Who Can Come to A Reiki Share

If you hold a recognised Level I Reiki certificate, in any Reiki style then you are welcome at these events, if you are unsure or have questions feel free to contact me to discuss it further.

When & Where Are They Held?

The Reiki Shares are held in Whitstable on a quarterly basis, there is an option for an afternoon (3-5pm) or evening meeting (6-8pm).

There is a fee of £15 to attend the Reiki Share.

2022 Reiki Shares

August 24th 2022 afternoon session (3-5pm)

August 24th 2022 evening session (6-8pm)

November 23rd 2022 afternoon session (3-5pm)

November 23rd 2022 evening session (6-8pm)

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