Remember we are not human beings having a spiritual experience......

we are spiritual beings having a human existence

sometimes, we just need a guide to unite our spirituality & humanity.

Wayne Dyer


Imagine that you are on a journey in a foreign land or on a foreign planet, where you don’t speak the language, you don’t know the rules, laws, practices or customs of the place you find yourself in. Wouldn’t it be great to have a tour guide who knows the laws, can speak the language, translating everything for you, making it easier for you to travel safely and quickly, preventing you from coming to harm? Along the way, you would learn the language, the customs, understand the culture & get so much more from your visit.

Back to reality: You ARE a visitor on a foreign planet! You are a spiritual being, here on earth, living a human existence in a human body, somehow you seem to have mastered much of the human laws and behaviours but you’ve got amnesia and can no longer remember the spiritual laws or behaviours that you also need to navigate safely around this life, this journey, in fact you can’t even recall what your mission was meant to be!

What if that guide did exist? What if you only had to get help from tour guide, or the team back on your home planet (heaven) who are trying to communicate with you? You can, that person is me!

I am your guide! I am a personal & spiritual development coach, what that means is that I can guide you through your life, I can help you to grow, learn & transform yourself as a person and as a spiritual being, I can help you to understand the spiritual framework that we are all governed by, to understand your spiritual nature as well as help you to tap into your innate self. You are born with everything you need to be your best self, including the abilities to learn & adapt, I can show you that version of yourself, I can help you become that version of yourself.

The Benefits of Working With Me

Like you, I am a spiritual being having a human existence, like you I have traversed and grown through whatever life has thrown at me; relationships, family, self belief & confidence & so much more. I’ve spent my whole life working on my own personal development, plus developing as an intuitive, learning the spiritual language & practices that my soul needs to bring my early & spiritual aspects into harmony.

In turn I use my life experience & spiritual knowledge combined with my array of certified, industry recognised training, using skills such as hypnotherapy, life coaching, & NLP (neuro- linguistic programming) plus my psychic skills & my teaching experience.

When your spiritual & human selves are united, life is easier and you will be happier.

I can reunite you with your spiritual support team – Spirit Guides, Angels, your Higher Self & those who you have loved and lost. I can also teach you to speak their language and to hear their communication, their role is to help you achieve your mission on earth, help you discover your life purpose, not to mention help you to achieve the soul plan and soul contracts your soul has agreed to.

The only thing that stops us being who we want to be or having the life we want is us, I help people create the behaviours and thinking that empowers them, that removes obstacles or blockages to success & happiness.

Tell me what you want; promotion or to maybe start your own business, figure out what your purpose on earth is, develop better relationships or stop negative patterns/behaviour in your life, revolutionise your health quality, by clearing or improving health conditions, learn to meditate or to read the tarot, whatever your need, as your guide or coach, I’m here to help you achieve whatever you want in life.

By helping you unite your spiritual & human self, I can ensure that you achieve success in all your endeavours, whether that be work, finances, family, relationships or spiritually. I can help you to tap into your innate powers so you can empower yourself, instead of needing other people to enable or empower you.

Don’t be the victim of life's circumstances, make a change & realise your worth!

I am more than just a psychic, medium & tarot reader offering clairvoyant, mediumship & tarot readings. You can check out my eventsworkshops, and talks that are held in Kent.

For those who live near me in Kent I offer private readings or coaching sessions at my home in Herne Bay, however, with modern technology, I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world so I offer coaching sessions via Zoom plus Zoom/Phone psychic readings

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I have a mailing list that you can join, here you will receive any special offers, hear about new products or services, find out about upcoming events & workshops get discount codes & more. You can sign up at the bottom of the page.

Please do browse the website and contact me with any queries.

Here's Who I Am?

Tracy Fance Clairvoyant Medium

I am an ordinary person just like you; I don't hold any super-powers, I didn't have any quick fixes or fairy godmother's to wave their wand and make my life perfect, everything I have, everything I know, has come from my own life experiences and endeavours, some experiences left a deeper mark than others but I am who I am because of them, so I would not change a thing.

I am a curious soul, I am always seeking knowledge, even answers to questions I did not know I had! I am happy to share all that knowledge, all that experience to help others, every second of my life is worthwhile if I can use it to help you.

I love being out and about in Herne Bay & Kent, where I live, plus I love connecting with people from all walks of life, I also love history & travel, and really just living life to the full.

What I Can Offer You

If you need a psychic reading or want to hear from a lost loved one, get in touch to book a reading. However, I am not limited to readings, why not take some time to browse my website to see what I can offer you?

I offer Hypnosis & Past Life Regression where you will go back to one or more previous lives which can be for fun or really helpful with issues in this life.

Tarot is another of my passions so I also teach this to groups for fun and self development or for those that wish to look at it as a another income stream or new career. I can offer accreditation which means you will be a Qualified Tarot Reader, this makes it easier to get professional insurance plus will give you much more credibility in the industry and will demonstrate that you have the experience and confidence to read professionally.

If you are drawn to healing then Reiki would be a great step for you to consider. As a Reiki Master I can teach you Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I & II, so you can start your practice & when you are ready I can bring you to Master Level. Have a look at the dates for the upcoming classes for Reiki I, Reiki II & Master Reiki.

For those of you drawn to healing but not Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki maybe you are drawn to Angel Reiki? Have a look at my Angel Reiki course and see what you think, or contact me with any queries. All courses can be paid for in instalments, simply contact me to arrange this.

I offer workshops, courses, spiritual talks, 1-2-1 coaching, as well as group coaching, so you can see that I offer so much more than just readings!

My intuitive skills play a part in my coaching and past life regression and my coaching comes into my readings and teaching so you get much more from a session with me than you might expect.

reculver towers roman saxon shore fort and remains of 12th century church undercut by coastal erosion herne bay on the kent coast in england


Many people come to me on the strength of a recommendation from friends or family which is great and is probably the best way to find what you need in life. If you have found me on the internet and feel drawn to work together that is fantastic too.

I have plenty of impartial testimonials you can check them out both on this site & the independent site Freeindex; whether it is good or bad I have left it to give you the balance needed to decide whether you wish to work together.
I truly believe people will go where they need to so if you do not feel drawn to work with me then it maybe either I am not the one to read for you or you are not ready yet. If this is the case browse my blog or the rest of my site as it may not be a reading you need but something else I can impart to you.

What is my purpose  - spiritual and philosophical question in vintage wooden letterpress printing blocks isolated on white

There are some great resources out there if you are looking for answers, nobody has all the answers so be prepared to use various sources. My favourite is the Spirit Guides which covers the UK & there were plans to cover the USA too. Simply search by postcode or county to see what is on near you in the Spiritual field. There are hundreds of groups on Facebook which discuss the spiritual & esoteric but remember that your intuition is your best guide, nobody is an expert, this is just their view of a subject (that applies to me too) so listen or read, then digest and if it does not resonate, keep looking for answers.

Tracy Fance & Herne Bay

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