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Your Body Is Talking To You

You are on this page because you are a spiritual person, and because your health is not where you wish it to be.

The experiences we have, the events we witness, the adverts or TV programmes we watch, these all get soaked up by the brain, we're not aware it's happening, even social media is absorbed, processed and assimilated by our brain. These then create how we see our world, how we think, make decisions & behave. When our life is not what we want it to be, it's easy to blame other people or outside forces, however, it isn't necessarily someone else's fault, it's the programming we've received since we were born that is driving us, this is driven by the subconcious brain.

95% of our behaviour comes from the subconcious mind, not the conscious mind, you won't even be aware of the thoughts you're forming or the effect they are having, the body however does keep score, as we layer up trauma after trauma, thoughts, rules & beliefs all pile on top of each other.

When our subconscious thoughts are conflicting with who we are and what we want, pressure is created in the body, we're mostly oblivious to this until we get ill or become aware of a health issue.

All health issues are the body sending a message because the other more subtle signs did not get our attention, an example of this is fibromyalgia/M.E. & chronic fatigue syndrome, this is because the body is worn out, the soul is not getting to express itself & there are unexpressed emotions or issues, most likely from childhood but not always.

Once these are expressed, faulty beliefs updated & the soul able to express itself, the condition will lessen and clear.

What You Need to Know

Let me be clear here, I'm NOT curing or healing you, you are clearing & healing the past so you can be happy in your future, you will be healing you.

Most health issues will require more than one session, it is simply not enough time to unpick all the out of date neural pathways, we can discuss your needs in a complimentary Discovery Call, some conditions need much more unravelling than others.

Let's see what we can do to solve your problem.

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