Health & Wellbeing Spa Day

One Day Health & Wellbeing Spa Day

Our health is often something we take for granted, until we have an issue. What if you could do an annual service, the same way that we do with our cars or boilers? It’s better to maintain and keep our body in working order, rather than wait until something goes wrong, right?

My 1-Day Wellbeing Retreat is all about giving you the space to check-in with yourself, to see & feel what is going on within you and to learn the tools that can keep you fit and healthy, keeping health issues at bay. If your health is not so good right now, this retreat will help you to undo the causes of those issues. Doctors will tell you that low level stress leads to over 83% of health issues, we mostly don’t even realise we are stressed, we are so used to it on a daily basis, this is what makes it so dangerous.

Good health is optional, not genetic. Join me for a whole day of ‘me time’ & learning how to be the healthiest you that you can be now & in the future.

The retreat includes:

  • Re-regulating your mind & body
  • Meditation; if you can breathe & sleep you can meditate!
  • Tools to alleviate stress & all it’s side effects (93% of health issues are stress related)
  • Understanding the mind-body link (it’s more closely related than you realise)
  • Learn how to self-heal using the universal energy
  • Beliefs; what thought patterns do you have that are not healthy for you?
  • Choose from: ½ hour body massage, foot massage or facial to end the day
  • A 20-30 minute after retreat session with me (worth £100)

There are only 6 places on this retreat as I want you to get the most from the day, we will have the lovely relaxing lounge to ourselves & end the day with your choice of treatment.

Simply contact me to book or book via Eventbrite.

Venue: Pure Indulgence, 110 High St, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1AZ

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