Money Mastery; Overcoming Your Blocks

About Money Mastery

Imagine you lived in a world where your thoughts controlled your environment, like a newer version of Alexa! Imagine if you could have everything you wanted, you just have to give the right command, would no that be brilliant? What if I told you that you already live in that world?

We are programmed from birth about our beliefs with money, we may not realise it though, our beliefs drive our behaviour so if we change our beliefs, we change our behaviour. The beliefs we hold around money and success can sabotage our financial lives, they can prevent us from achieving our goals in life too.

This one day workshop will uncover your beliefs, show you how to break them down so you can release them. Once released you can take on new, positive beliefs that will enable you to have a happy, healthy financial life, whatever that may look like to you.


I was surprised at where my money blocks were and I certainly was not consciously aware of them, it just seemed no matter how hard I worked I felt I never got any further forward! After reaching breaking point, with my health showing the strain I decided it was time to take action, once I did, the changes came thick and fast, life is now easier, happier & stress free!

This workshop is highly interactive & practical, there are lots of exercises to help you uncover the issues that prevent you from being who you want to be with the life you wish to have.

Do Any of These Resonate For You?

Take a look at these statements and see if any resonate for you:

  • Do you find that no matter what you do it just seems that having healthy finances eludes you?
  • Are you trying with all your might to advance in your career or build your business but without success?
  • Do you feel you have money or success blocks?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the above then you need this workshop.

Take A Look At These Common Limiting Beliefs

Take a look at the statements below, these are called ‘Limiting Beliefs’ they are beliefs that you may hold (usually subconsciously) that hold you back or limit you.

  • I’ll never be able to earn £xxx p.a.
  • I’m not smart enough to earn £xxx p.a.
  • Wanting to make money is selfish
  • I’m a bad person
  • Nobody believes in me
  • I’m not talented enough to make £xxx per year.
  • I’m too fat/thin/tall/short/old/young to earn £xxx p.a.
  • I’m not educated enough to make the sort of money I want to make
  • People from my background don’t make the sort of money I want to make, so why bother trying?
  • Only those who are materialistic want to be wealthy
  • Making more money is not a worthwhile goal
  • Money is power and power corrupts
  • Wanting/having money is not spiritual
  • To earn £xxx p.a. I’d have to work so much I’d have no time for family/me etc.
  • Wealthy people are nasty/stuck up/not likeable
  • Money corrupts people
  • If I was rich my family/friends would resent me
  • It’s karma for me to have no money in this life
  • I don’t deserve to be affluent/abundant/wealthy
  • I’m not worthy of making a good living
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • I’ve never been any good with money, & I won’t be
  • Being poor keeps me humble
  • Being poor is my destiny in this life
  • I don’t have the skills to earn a really good living
  • I’ll never be able to earn what I want, so why bother?
  • If I earn more than my parents/partner it will put a strain on our relationship
  • If I became wealthy, I’d start acting like an entitled ass
  • Being wealthy would be stressful, I have nothing to lose being poor
  • Rich people think they are better than everyone else
  • No matter how hard I try, I’ll never be able to earn £xxx p.a.
  • Rich people don’t value anything
  • Wealthy people treat poorer people like dirt

How many of those resonated for you? How many jarred? Still not sure what your beliefs are? Don't worry, during the workshop we will get to the bottom of YOUR beliefs & erase them for you.

Benefits of The Money Mastery Workshop

  • Uncovering your true beliefs around money & success.
  • Creating new beliefs that will benefit you financially & personally.
  • Understanding the Law of Attraction so you can use it effectively.
  • Allows you to create a different view of your life & what you want from it.
  • Bring success for your career or business.
  • Learn about spirituality & money.
  • Learn how to communicate with money!
  • Get an understanding of why the affirmations you have been using are NEVER going to work.
  • Creating & using Vision-Boards.
  • How to create a true 'Attitude of Gratitude'.
  • Understand how to communicate with the Universe for guidance.
  • Empower yourself by freeing yourself of the past.

Working With Money Mastery

Money Mastery will equip you with all the tools you need to change your life & change your finances. Everything that you will learn about yourself, your beliefs, the spiritual laws of the universe, Law of Attraction will allow you to create the life you desire.

The knowledge you gain can be used daily, you can share it with friends & family or colleagues, it is highly effective & easy to work with.

You will be able to start making changes in your life, on the day and ever afterwards.

Create bigger yet more achievable goals to enhance your life & that of your family.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • The History of Money
  • Spirituality, Money, Energy
  • Money Blocks
  • The Heart/Mind Connection
  • Overview of the Law of Attraction
  • Cause & Effect
  • Mindful of Money Thinking
  • Communicating With Money
  • Empowering Habits
  • Gratitude Attitude
  • Visionboarding
  • Time Travel
  • Conclusion


Additional Information

DATES: Scroll down for upcoming dates

WORKSHOP INFO: 10am-4pm. Please arrive for 9.45am to register so we can start at 10am prompt.


VENUE: Whitstable

N.B. Please come expecting to be separated from your phone/technology! Using your phone, checking social media, calls etc will take your OUT of the psychic energy so is not conducive to the class, your learning or the other attendees experience. You'll be able to check your phone at lunchtime though so don't panic! Please come expecting to be separated from your phone/technology! Using your phone, checking social media, calls etc will take your OUT of the psychic energy so is not conducive to the class, your learning or the other attendees experience. You'll be able to check your phone at lunchtime though so don't panic!

Legal Disclaimer

Please ensure you have read my terms and conditions before booking.


Please contact me to register your interest in this workshop or join the mailing list for upcoming workshops dates.

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