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The only limits in life are the ones we create & impose on ourselves.

What Is Coaching?

We are all unique people, even if you are a twin, you are unique, although you had the same parents you will have had different experiences from your sibling and in life your experiences are unique to you, all of this shapes us, this can create limiting beliefs, it can cause us to be stuck in a rut we don't wish to be in, it also shapes the way we think & see the world, coaching is all about seeing the world and thinking in a different way that brings success and results.

Coaching is basically a mix of different skills which I bring together to help people fulfil their potential, to make decisions that are right for them in order to have the life they desire, to rewire their thinking & their vision of both themselves and their world. There is no limit to what coaching can do for you, many celebrities and people in the media turn to life coaching to ensure they can be who they wish to be, make fantastic empowering decisions & create the life that makes them happy & fulfilled.

My History

I qualified as a hypnotherapist back in 2005 after seeing Paul McKenna helping people using hypnosis. I also trained in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) with the creator Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna shortly after that in 2006.

Within my intuitive readings I've always looked to help people grow, coaching them to be the person they want to be or to have the life they want to have. Within my coaching I use my intuition to be more effective, to get to the root of an issue, this is a huge benefit to the client.

Coaching sessions with me are a mix of NLP, my intuitive senses, coaching skills & where required hypnosis so I can be as effective as possible in helping clients.

My field of real interest is health, everything starts in our mind, illness is caused by a conflict in our belief system such as wanting your own business but not really feeling you are good enough. We are programmed from birth to age 21 by those in our life, we may be taught that money is evil yet not really believe that to be true, yet it drives our behaviour. This conflict will cause illness, my role is to help you change the programming so you can get well & live the life you truly want. I am currently helping people with Fibromyalgia clear the root cause of it, I can't work miracles, you as the client have to do all the hard work, only you can clear your illness.

What Can You Help Me With?


  • Fears & Phobias
  • Quit smoking
  • Career
  • Business
  • Relationships
  • Health Issues
  • Money/Finances
  • Creative Blocks; music, writing etc.
  • Goal Setting & Success
  • Confidence Issues
  • Self-Belief
  • Creating a Positive Mindset
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Blocks; Self-Imposed or otherwise
  • Habit Breaking
  • Strategic Intervention
  • Public Speaking
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

I have not found anything I can't work on yet, so go ahead and challenge me.

What Happens Now?

Once we have booked your Discovery Call, I will require you to complete a brief questionnaire of what you need so that we can be as effective as possible, I will need to have this questionnaire back before our Discovery Session.

Once you have had your Discovery Call, you can decide if you wish to work with me  and I can decide if I wish to work with you. Once you are ready to go ahead, we will need to book your first Strategy Session.

We can then complete the client contract setting out the terms of our relationship, at this point you will need to pay for your first session.

We can also determine how you wish the sessions to be conducted, for some people having one session a week or per month works well, for others they prefer to book as and when they need support, I also offer a subscription package for those looking to make a transformational change or to achieve a particular goal that will take some time to achieve or for those who like the ongoing support of having a coaching session every month.

Call me to book on 01227 749759.

Paying For Your Session

Payment for the first session must be made in advance, this can be paid by card, Paypal or BACS.

Sessions can be booked singularly or as blocks of 3, 6 or 12 sessions, discounts apply for block bookings.

If you wish to book an ongoing package, you can pay monthly by direct debit, please let me know I you wish to do this:

Discounted Sessions

Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you have read my terms and conditions before booking.

Reviews And Testimonials

You can find my reviews on my Facebook page and on the testimonial page of this site.

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