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Intuitive Tarot - Level I

Have you been interested in the tarot but can't seem to get to grips with it? Are you not good at memorising reams of information? Impatient & want to be reading NOW? If the answer is yes to any of these questions or even all of them then my workshop is perfect for you!

I read the cards intuitively which means I allow my psychic intuition to flow, this is how I teach my students to read, even if they don't feel they are psychic or have not developed their gifts yet, remember we are all psychic, it is just buried under our modern world & needs to be reawakened. I've never had a student yet who leaves this workshop unable to read the tarot so take heart!

Book now and learn to read the tarot in ONE day.

Course Content:

Manual; Tarot Guide

The History of The Tarot

Review of All Cards in the Major Arcana in Detail

Review of All Cards in the Minor Arcana in Detail

Full Day of Tuition Including Practical Sessions

Tarot Layouts - Purpose, Layout, & How to Use Them

Practical Session - Real Life Readings

After Course Support

Additional Course Information

Next Workshop: To be kept up to date on workshops, please join the mailing list.

Course Investment: £150 (can be paid in instalments, contact me to arrange).

Location: I use venues in Herne Bay & Whitstable, the location will be shown when booking (please check location when booking).

Legal Disclaimer

Please ensure you have read my terms and conditions before booking.

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