Discover Your Life Purpose

Discover Your Life Purpose

Over the years I have been asked by many clients having a reading, what their life purpose is, to me though it is more powerful if you uncover it for yourself. I spent a long time trying to find my life purpose too, so I decided to pull together all the tools that helped me to find mine in conjunction with my coaching & intuitive skills to create a surefire way to help people find their life purpose.

When I use this tool to help people on a 1-2-1 basis, it usually takes at least 4-6  sessions which means that it would cost £400-£600 which is out of the price range of many people, as a one day workshop it is only £100 which is much more manageable for you and is a whole day focused on finding your purpose rather than breaking it up over a few weeks or months.

What Is A Life Purpose

When we incarnate, we agree to a 'mission', whatever this mission might be, when we are not in alignment with it, our soul feels restless, unhappy, we can become depressed or ill, by living our life purpose we can achieve the mission we are here for, our soul is happy, full of joy, fulfilled & life just feels right.

Have you ever had an errand or task to do and for whatever reason you have not gotten to it? It nags away at you, you can't relax until it is taken care of it, that is how we feel when we are not fully on track to our life purpose.

Life is hard enough without making it harder by NOT following our life purpose, discover it so you can allow life to be easier, for life to flow rather than feel you are fighting against the tide. When we are in our flow, the doors open in life, the right people connect with us, so ask yourself whether you want life to be an uphill battle or a party for your soul, each and every day of your life?

During this workshop you will use different tools to help you uncover the life purpose you have been seeking, you will tap into your soul, its needs and its emotions.  You will be able to work out from that information what you want to do with it; if you are here to be of service to others you may recognise that you should be a teacher or a carer, you may discover that your soul loves music & that your mission is to use it as a tool to help others. Maybe you are here to make people smile or you could be here, like Greta Thunberg to make a global difference.

Once you know your life purpose, life will never be the same again, literally!

Those who've taken this course have found that they have a completely new perspective on life, can make choices that bring them into alignment fully with their Life Purpose & finally feel they are living their authentic life.

I hope you decide this workshop is for you.

Course Content

This course is aimed at those who wish to discover their life purpose so they can live fully in alignment with their soul's mission, we all have a reason for being here, some may be just to love and be loved, for some their life purpose may be on a global scale, for others on a smaller scale, no matter how you live your life purpose it will fill your heart & soul with joy, fulfilment & love.

  • A look at Purpose v Reason
  • Talents & Gifts
  • What Is Important
  • Life Values
  • Highest Intentions
  • Visualisation is Reality
  • Connecting Identities
  • The GE Dilemma
  • Socratic Questioning
  • Spiritual Aspects of Law of Attraction & Life Purpose
  • Soul Contracts, Past Lives, Karma
  • Beliefs & Limiting Beliefs
  • Key Decisions Timeline
  • Visualisations & Meditations to Discover Relevant Information
  • Life Blocks
  • Life Purpose Statement
  • Personalised workbook to take home

The Benefits of Knowing Your Life Purpose

Meaning: Finding your life purpose instills a sense of meaning in your life. You know what you love to do, the things you are good at, as well as how you can contribute to the community as well as the world.

Belonging: Finding a sense of meaning in your life gives you a sense of place or belonging. When your life purpose is known to you, it is easier to know where you belong. You also benefit from an understanding of the environments and communities that you connect with.

Decision Making: When you know your life purpose you are better placed to make the right decisions in every aspect of your life. You know intuitively whether a situation, event or person is in alignment with your highest good in your life because you know why you are here and what you want to do.

Self Awareness: Knowing your life purpose creates a clearer sense of who you are. It is as though you have a concentrated life essence by connecting with your purpose, you are fully aware of yourself, your place in the cosmos, your connection to others. You are not bogged down by ego, by fear or any other emotion.

Simple: Believe it or not, knowing your life purpose makes life simpler, who needs life to be complex or hard work? You know what to pay attention to, where to put your energy as well as what is less important.

Profound & Productive: By being aware of your life purpose it allows you the potential to have a much greater impact on the world - but you do need to live it, you can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen around you.  Find your life purpose then use it to help contribute to making a better world.

Confidence: When you are aware of your life purpose you have more confident. You know that you’re here for a reason, that you have a mission, that your contribution counts, all your efforts worthwhile. Be assured by the knowledge that ALL of us on this planet have a purpose, whether we have found it yet or not, stand out from the crowd & discover yours & join those who are living their purpose.


"Tracy’s Life Purpose coaching was surprisingly enlightening, total focus on me was a bit uncomfortable at first but to get the most out of the sessions I knew I had to embrace the fear & go for it!  Tracy is very good at making you feel at ease, there’s no judgement.

Fed up with feeling “lost” & not knowing what to do with my life now kids are getting older & more independant, the coaching helped me recognise & look at my core values, what I believe about myself & the sort of person I am, things I want to achieve & how I can make this possible.  I definitely need to work on my self confidence so I can live the life that makes me smile everyday & doesn’t make me want to stay in bed!  Every day I put some focus on what’s important to me so I’m not trying to be something else for everyone else.

Thanks Tracy, I got a lot from the Life Purpose Life Coaching, definitely a worthwhile investment, I would recommend it to anyone!"

Here's a lovely blog written about a client who came along to do the Life Purpose workshop & how much it's positively impacted his life since attending

Additional Info

DATES: 28th March 2023

WORKSHOP INFO: 10am-4pm. Please arrive for 9.45am to register so we can start at 10am prompt.

VENUE: Whitstable

COURSE INVESTMENT: £100 (Early bird Discounts Available)

N.B. Please come expecting to be separated from your phone/technology! Using your phone, checking social media, calls etc will take your OUT of the psychic energy so is not conducive to the class, your learning or the other attendees experience. You'll be able to check your phone at lunchtime though so don't panic! Please come expecting to be separated from your phone/technology! Using your phone, checking social media, calls etc will take your OUT of the psychic energy so is not conducive to the class, your learning or the other attendees experience. You'll be able to check your phone at lunchtime though so don't panic!

Legal Disclaimer

Please ensure you have read my terms and conditions before booking.


Please contact me to register your interest in this workshop or join the mailing list for upcoming workshops dates.

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