Exhausted Your Crystals? Here’s the remedy.

Do you like to use your crystals a lot? They’re great, aren’t they? When you love crystals, you truly do find a crystal for every purpose, yet I bet you default to the same ones though, right?

Do you find that your clear quartz gets cloudy after lots of use or that they start to feel ‘wrong’? This is because the crystals are picking up all the negative energy around you or your clients, that’s not a bad thing, it’s what they are for after all. Whether you are using a crystal to cleanse a room, lift your mood, give you more energy, this all means the crystal is like a sponge, soaking up whatever energy you are working with. So, you throw them out, right? Wrong! They just need cleansing, you don’t throw the vacuum cleaner out when it is full, do you?

You can’t very well put your crystals in the washing machine or dishwasher but there are plenty of ways to clean them;

Full Moon – The full moon is a great way to cleanse your crystals and no effort, simply put them on a windowsill or doorstep and let the moon work its magic. We’ve a big Sturgeon full moon due on the 3rd August 2020 so get ready and get cleansing! The crystals will be cleansed and recharged, the only downside is full moons only come once a month.

Sunlight – Can’t beat a bit of sunshine to make things good, and crystals love it too. Same as the moonlight, simply leave the crystals where the sun will get to them and you’re done.

Breath – You can breathe over your crystals to cleanse them; this is great if you have a small collection but maybe not so practical if your collection is huge!

Salt Bed – If you have natural salt (not table salt) then you can place your crystals on a bed of the salt and leave to become neutralised. When you are done, bin the salt or wash down the plug, do not throw it out in your garden, you’ll be putting the negativity in your garden, not good.

Sage – If you have white sage, you can burn some sage over the crystals, it is a bit messy and smelly though so would not be my first choice, it does cleanse the room too though which is handy.

Rice – This is something that most homes have so it’s a nice easy option. Again, do not throw the rice out on your property, don’t eat it either, bin it or put it down the waste disposal chute if you have one.

Intention – This is my favourite, being a lazy person at heart! Simply, send your intention out to the crystals, either mentally or out loud that you wish to cleanse and recharge the crystals, done! Easy huh?

Crystals – Yes, crystals! You can use one crystal to charge and cleanse another one, as long as the crystal you plan to use is cleansed and charged.

Reiki – If you are a Reiki I level you can perform Reiki on your crystals, if you hold Level II then you can send healing to them and use the symbols.

If you tend to use your crystals day in and day out then I would recommend that they get cleansed weekly, if they are not used a lot then monthly will be fine. If you hardly use them, they will need a good charge every couple of months, so pop them on the windowsill, ready for when you know you need them.

It is normal for crystals to go cloudy with lots of use, once cleansed they will clear again or feel ‘right’ to you. DO NOT wash crystals, some crystals will dissolve in water, that could be very expensive!! There are too many crystals to tell you which crystals you can wash so either do some research or just don’t wash any!

These methods will work for cleaning many other items such as jewellery if you have bought it 2nd hand, tarot cards, Runes etc.

So get your crystals out and get them cleansed and charged in the upcoming moonlight.

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