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I am a healer & Rahanni Practitioner with many years experience of giving & teaching healing, you've been guided here for a reason, know you are in safe hands.

What is Rahanni?

Whether you are looking for healing or searching for Spiritual progression, you need look no further, Rahanni is a 5th dimensional healing modality that works on a higher vibration and a deeper level than other healing modalities, therefore cutting down the healing time. Rahanni raises the vibration of the student or recipient to a much higher level of spiritual understanding, expanding the aura and helping with a change in consciousness. Rahanni is thousands of years old but is now the 'new' healing modality for this Golden Age, a moving forward of spiritual growth by releasing negativity and the old ways of thinking to that of inner peace, positive thought and compassion. So many people in these days of pain and suffering are searching for a better quality of life, well, maybe you have just found it with the healing Light of Rahanni Celestial Healing. People's heart centres are opening now, like never before and it is bringing forward so much love and compassion to humanity, helping everyone to have this most needed change in consciousness. 

Why Have Rahanni?

It's relaxing, it can help alleviate many conditions as well being enjoyable.

Who Can Benefit From Rahanni?

Everyone! Especially children.

They are open to these higher energies. It has been known to benefit those children diagnosed with hyperactivity and A.D.D.

The client's body will decide how much of the healing light is required. 

It is understood healing of the physical body can be felt along with a possible balancing of the mental and emotional issues.

You do not have to believe for it to work, just a desire to receive and accept the energy.

Animals will also benefit, they have no problem accepting the healing light.

 Rahanni needs to be experienced to be appreciated. If you are stressfree, balanced and happy then you are strong enough to help others.

 Many people find their attitudes to life and its problems change for the better as a result of receiving Rahanni Celestial Healing.

 Why not give it a try?

What have you got to lose (only negativity and pain)

What Should I expect From A Session?

Rahanni treatments are usually around 30 minutes and sessions are performed fully clothed although I do recommend loose, comfortable clothing to ensure you relax as much as possible.

You may be awake throughout the session or you may prefer to close your eyes and switch off so you get the most from a session.

I usually use a therapy bed but if you have an issue that prevents this I can offer healing in a chair or wheelchair but please tell me in advance if this is the case.

After a session you may experience more vivid dreams, feel more energised, relaxed & have a sense of well-being. Rahannii continues to work after a treatment so expect sensations during the session to continue afterwards but it will stop.

Everyone has a different experience as everyone has different needs, however everyone enjoys the experience and the benefits of a treatment.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

There is no prescribed amount of sessions required but as with most complementary treatments one session will make a difference but to get the most out of it a series of sessions should be booked. If you can have them regularly such as every other week or every month you will really see the benefits.

Book a session now and start transforming your life!

Booking a Session

Sessions are £35 each and can be booked and paid for in advance or you can pay on the day. To book, call me on 01227 749759 or use the Contact Me facility to email me.

If you cannot get to me in Herne Bay, you can always book a session of Distance or Absent Healing.

This means that when I meditate, I send healing to you or the person you are asking on behalf of every day for a week, you do not need to be aware of when this happens as the healing will go where it needs to and do what it needs to.

If you are buying on behalf of another person please be aware that I need their permission to send healing which I can obtain from their 'Higher Self' if the person is not meant to have the healing it will dissipate into the universe.

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