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I’m sure you’ve heard of Spirit Guides but do you know there is more than one type of Spirit Guide and they all have a different role to play in your spiritual journey?  Man With Spirit Guide

Most people do not realise how diverse the types of Spirit Guides are or that certain Guides come & go whilst others will be with you from your birth to your death. There are also Guides that will stay by your side for multiple lives.

Let’s have a look at the different Guides you have in your spiritual army:

  • Doorkeeper: Your doorkeeper is like your spiritual bouncer, there to keep out anything or anyone not for your highest good. They only have your best interest at heart and they don’t work with anyone else, just you.
  • Guardian Angels: These are celestial beings who are assigned to protect and guide you throughout your life.
  • Ancestor Spirits: These are your deceased relatives or ancestors who continue to offer guidance and support from the spirit realm.
  • Animal Guides: Also known as spirit animals or totem animals, these guides take the form of animals and offer wisdom, protection, and guidance.
  • Ascended Masters: These are highly evolved beings who have reached a state of enlightenment and offer guidance to humanity. Examples that you may have heard of include Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Mother Mary and other spiritual leaders.
  • Nature Spirits: These guides are connected to the natural world & may include fairies, elves, gnomes, Devas & other elemental beings.
  • Archangels: These are powerful angelic beings who serve as messengers & helpers in the spiritual realm. Examples include Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and others.
  • Spirit Guides: These are non-physical beings who offer guidance, wisdom, and support to individuals on their spiritual journey. They can take various forms and may have specific roles or specialties.
  • Joy Guides: These are a specific type of spirit guide that focus on bringing happiness, joy, and laughter into our lives. They are believed to help us find joy in both the big and small moments of life, and they may assist us in shifting our perspective towards a more positive and joyful outlook.
  • These guides are said to have a playful and light-hearted energy, often appearing in situations where laughter and happiness are needed most. They may encourage us to embrace the present moment, find beauty in simplicity, and let go of worries and stress.
  • Healer Guides: They work to balance our thoughts, relieve our emotions, open our hearts, forgive the past, and care for our physical bodies and our energy fields.
  • Healers diligently attend to our soul’s health as well, which can become sick and fragmented due to depression, drugs, alcoholism, trauma, and abuse, especially in childhood.
  • Helper Guides: They’ve had human journeys so they know us well and they are experts in their fields. These Guides may also be family members who have crossed over but want to stay close and assist us. Helpers keep us connected to our highest potential and help smooth our journeys and our daily experiences.
  • Teacher Guides: They resonate at a high frequency, working closely with us to raise our awareness of our true nature as spiritual beings within our humanness. They help us discover our purpose in life as we work through our karma, dharma or life lessons. Spiritual teacher guides are some of our most influential guides as they help us truly understand our soul.

Quite a few different types right? So do you know which Guides you have? You won’t have all of these Guides all of the time, they may only come when needed.

Let’s say that maths isn’t your strong suit but you really want to do Numerology – lots of maths! You may need to call on your Spiritual Army for a Guide to step forward and help you with this new subject. Once you’ve mastered it they can go.

As always, the best way to get to know your Guides is to meditate, it may be slow but it’s the best way.

I hold workshops where you can learn how to connect & communicate with your Spirit Guides, you can find details here. If you’re not local to me or want to just push ahead with this, then you can find my eBook guide here.

I’d love to know about your journey with your Spiritual Army, feel free to message me.

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