Intuitive Tarot Webinar Part I & II

Intuitive Tarot Webinar Part I & II


This webinar will show you how to learn the tarot in just a few hours, you will then be able to start reading for friends and family to become a reader or just help you on your spiritual journey. There is also an ebook and some downloadable MP4 meditations available to help you.

On completing your purchase an email will be sent which contains the download link. The webinar will play on all devices.

The tarot appeals to a broad range of people, yet most of those people also find it really hard to master and end up putting their cards on a shelf and forgetting them, me included! I arrived at a point where I really wanted to learn the tarot but the traditional books just required me to remember way too much information, so I found my own way to learn the tarot and it worked! I decided that I needed to share this with other people to help them learn the tarot easily.

I currently teach students local to me in Herne Bay and Whitstable, some of whom have gone on to be professional tarot readers, there are many people who can’t get to me to learn so I decided to create these webinars so those people do not miss out.

Your purchase includes two webinars, covering the whole of the tarot deck. The first webinar looks at the Major Arcana then starts to look at the individual suits of the Minor Arcana (Wands, Pentacles, Cups & Swords). Part II continues to work through the Minor Arcana. They are live recorded sessions and I have left the student interaction in the webinar so you can hear their questions as well as our exchanges as they are incredibly important too.

My ebook and webinars are based on the Rider-Waite deck of tarot but can be used with any cards, you do need your cards to ‘talk to you’ though, if you feel blank when you look at your cards then you may not have the correct cards for you. The ebook has images in it too so if your cards are not Rider-Waite or do not talk to you, download the ebook and see if those images work for you.

Once you have taken the card meanings onboard you will need to practice on people, you can always contact me and I will organise an online reading session if I have enough people wishing to take it.

On completing your purchase an email will be sent which contains the download link. The webinar will play on all devices.


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