Working With The Angels Meditation #4 – Past Life Journeying

Working With The Angels Meditation #4 – Past Life Journeying


This is an MP4 file that can be used on any device to help you access your previous life with the help of the angels, it is part of the Working With Your Angels series but can be used as a standalone meditation too.

There are many different angels in the heavens, we can work with all of them whenever we wish to, angels are omnipotent so they can be everywhere all at the same time, never be afraid to call on them!

It is important to work safely when doing any spiritual work, with that in mind I have numbered these Angel Meditations in the order I feel they would be best used, especially if you are new to all of this.

This meditation is the fourth in the series and it will guide you through the process of meeting with the angels and accessing a previous life to bring about changes in this life. No experience is necessary as the meditation will talk you through the process.

You don’t have to take any notice of my recommendation.

The meditations are designed to go along with the Working With Angels eBook and the webinar which are also available to buy here on my site to download.


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