Reincarnation & Parallel Lives

Whilst researching on the Akashic Records I came across a chapter on reincarnation, within this chapter there was a paragraph on whether we could have simultaneous or parallel lives and it got me wondering….

We all have Soul Mates; these are the people who are particularly connected to us in our lives, think about siblings that are especially close or those friends who are more than just friends and know what we think and feel before we express it and of course there is the romantic Soul Mate. I tend to avoid referring to anybody as a client’s ‘soul mate’ when I am reading as most people have the wrong understanding of this concept. A Soul Mate is sent to us to either help us with a difficult situation or to CAUSE the situation with the intention of making us grow, it is only done from pure love regardless of how it unfolds, so romance with your Soul Mate may be fiery and difficult with a high chance of the relationship not lasting long term.

There is also the ‘Twin Flame’ or ‘Twin Soul’ concept which is where you and your Twin Flame are from the same Soul hence the immense connection, we cannot but help to recognise our own energy or self within them. You may not have had umpteen lives together as you have both been evolving in separate lives but in this one you have been drawn back together.

We are 100% of ourselves in Heaven – or whatever you wish to refer to as the place we reside when in Spirit –at the time we reincarnate the percentage of us that we reincarnate can vary, so we may only send 20% down to live a life or we may take the opportunity to live multiple lives and send down 80% split between 4 lives, it is very tiring and life on Earth is traumatic for many souls, it is my understanding that this scenario would be rare, however it has been heard of and can help the soul to evolve quicker.

With all that taken into account I suddenly wondered if it were possible for siblings who are twins to be the same soul having multiple lifetimes at the same time rather than being strangers to each other on opposite sides of the world? I have not found any evidence yet to support my idea even though there is much evidence of past lives. Parallel lives and the like but it is thought provoking,  I’d be very interested in your thoughts or your own ideas on the subject. I am no expert, just a pilgrim on a journey.

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