Why So Many Are Returning Home in 2016

Why So Many Are Returning Home

Many of us are asking the same questions right now: ‘what is going on, why are there so many famous people dying?’ These are questions which I have also been asking myself so I decided to research it as well as meditate on it, here is what I discovered:

According to the BBC Obituary Dept there have been 35 deaths this year in the celebrity community, much higher than previous years, which could be accounted for by the fact there are more famous people these days or that there is better reporting, but actually it is the ‘veteran’ community which is passing not the up and coming youngsters, so the number of famous people does not account for the higher mortality rate.

There is also the fact that our pioneers are all passing the crucial point of 52-55 which is the point insurance actuaries predict you can make it to 100 if you make it past that danger point. Statistically 52-55 is the most likely age for people to die, so if you are over 55 you have as much chance of your telegram from the queen as anyone else!

Why 2016?

2016 is a year of changes – the energy from the Ascension started in 2012 is gathering momentum  like a rolling stone, taking with it those that need to return home & regenerate, it is due to continue until 2017 so it is not over yet.


Those souls who are pioneers, who are creative, inventive & inspirational to others come to Earth to help create a better environment for the rest of humanity, there comes a time when they feel their work has been done so they can opt to drop into oblivion, fade away, or  leave on a high. They came to forge a path, to be a force for change, to reinvent what would be the norm in society whether that be through writing, acting, art, music, fashion or being outspoken, not conforming to the order of the day.

Many of the famous people who have passed were icons of their field such as Victoria Wood, David Bowie, Prince etc but many were innovative and came to pave the way for others to build on their foundations, people like Ronnie Corbett, Alan Rickman along with many others who broke moulds.

When our work is done it is time to return home so the energy & passion within us can be reborn bringing a fresh energy to the world, expect to see shades of David Bowie in a future soul as his soul purpose will be given another chance to shine, one lifetime is often not enough for a soul to finish its mission, by coming back again they can break expectations that exist for this life and have a blank canvas to work from. Do you really think people like Isaac Newton, Jimi Hendrix, Einstein or Churchill are a one off? Definitely not, they will come again  in waves to help lift the planet until we are back to the extraordinary days of Atlantis but without the human failings which destroyed it.


Those beings that are pure of heart & intent will pass from where we are in the 4th Dimension to the 5th Dimension where they will be with the angelic realm and act as the emotional, spiritual & enlightened anchor on the Earth plane so their energy will be around us always.


Once 2017 is here the energy will plateau for a period, allowing the world & humanity to catch up. Think of it like a boat in the canal lock where the water level is increased so the boat can join the higher waters; this is humanity being raised to a higher energy & vibration so we can become more spiritual & enlightened.

We only need look at the children being born to see they are highly sensitive, psychic & spiritual, with many being on the Autistic scale, they are very gifted and will be able to tap into the 4D energy so they can channel their ‘inner Prince’ or ‘inner Bowie’ etc.

It is sad to see the icons go but it is part of the evolutionary process, we all have to return home at some time.

When these pioneers pass they remind us again of the good times we associate with them, the memories, the tears, the laughter, reminding us how stellar they were.

We should take this opportunity to value those who have paved the way for us to be who we are, I know I am grateful for their input, many of those who have passed this year were a major part of my life growing up so our lives are intertwined forever. Don’t mourn their loss, enjoy their legacy, know their souls will be back here whilst their energy is all around us.



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