A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime

A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime? Piece of paper with words everything happens for a reason

There’s a poem by Brian A Chalker called – A reason, a season or a lifetime it’s been around quite some time now, 1995 would you believe?

When you look back across your life, can you see which people or players or pets were here for a brief while, or a long while? I certainly can. I remember when it first happened, I was heartbroken, I didn’t want these people who were important to me to leave. I also experienced anger, this may have been at the way they left my life or I left there’s or because of other reasons, but over the years, I’ve felt a whole range of emotions when someone has stopped being a part of my life. Does that sound like your experience too?

As I’ve grown & developed my spiritual nature, I’ve come to have a deeper understanding of these people, their role in my life and the impact they had. Some people are still rippling through my life, even though they’ve moved on, is that the same for you?

I still see how people from my childhood are woven into my life, it may be their fun personality, it may be their love or it may be their painful actions, but I still think of them with gratitude.

There are loved ones I’ve lost such as my dad, there are those that moved away or who I worked with briefly, there are also people who have been in my life many years, they are still shaping me & my life.

Imagine your life as a garden, each person you meet akin to a blooming flower, gracing your path with their unique beauty. Some flowers blossom brightly, illuminating your world with their vibrant hues, only to wither away as the seasons change. These are the connections that come into your life for a reason. They arrive precisely when you need them, offering guidance, support, or a gentle nudge in the right direction. Their impact may be brief, but their essence lingers, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

Then there are those whose presence is akin to the warmth of a summer sun, filling your days with laughter, love, and shared moments of joy. These are the connections that come into your life for a season. They accompany you on a journey of growth and exploration, enriching your experiences and expanding your horizons. But as the winds of change begin to whisper, they drift away, leaving you with cherished memories and a heart full of gratitude.

And finally, there are the rare and precious souls who walk alongside you through the seasons of life, their roots entwined with yours in an unbreakable bond. These are the connections that come into your life for a lifetime. They weather the storms, celebrate the victories, and hold space for your growth with unwavering love and support. With them, you dance to the melody of shared dreams and whispered secrets, knowing that no matter where life leads, your souls will forever be intertwined.

Yet, as you navigate the ebb and flow of human connection, you may find yourself grappling with the complex tapestry of emotions that accompany each encounter. The joy of new beginnings, the sorrow of parting, the bittersweet nostalgia of memories shared—all are an integral part of the human experience. Embrace them wholeheartedly, for it is through the depths of emotion that you discover the true essence of your being.

Remember, that each relationship, whether fleeting or enduring, holds the power to shape your journey and awaken the depths of your soul. Embrace the lessons, cherish the moments, and allow yourself to be transformed by the beauty of human connection. For in the end, it is not the length of time spent together that matters, but the depth of love and understanding that transcends all seasons.

So take some time to think about those who may have come & gone, those who are still part of your life & look at what they brought to your life. It may not have felt positive at the time but in the scheme of things it will be.

I doubt I’d be in Kent if it weren’t for one particular person, nor would I have moved to Herne Bay if it wasn’t for another person – think of dominoes here! I’m sure if it was an important part of my life I’d have been manoeuvred into being where I am or doing what I’m doing, Spirit are good like that! I’ll never know however, it is food for thought.

Thanks to a really good friend, (we called them ‘The Wise Old Owl’) I found the strength in me that I didn’t think was there.

There are those who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself! I will always remember being a sobbing wreck back in my 20s when I got a job that I didn’t think I could do, don’t get me wrong, I wanted it & needed it but just didn’t believe in myself, I did 10 years in that field so I obviously could do it!

So remember to thank those that gave you the right environment to grow, to reach higher, to be more than you thought, they were here on a mission & that mission was accomplished.

If this really resonated with you, let me know your story, they always make me smile.

Sometimes when these beautiful souls leave our lives, the hole they leave is too big, we can’t understand the reasons for it, if this is you & you feel stuck, let me help you. Let’s have a chat, you can book it here.

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