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Why Yasmin Came to Me.    Person demonstrating mind body connection

Yasmin came to me because her body was ‘locked up’ with pain. There seemed to be no physical reason for her pain & she’d been to osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists etc with no joy. Luckily for Yasmin, one of these professionals had knowledge of how the body stores emotional pain/trauma & recommended she seek help from someone who worked on that level.

Thanks to the Universe, Yasmin was directed to me, telling me ‘I was the answer to her prayers’ & that “you seem too good to be true’! As always we held a Discovery Call where we can get to know each other & see if we want to work together – this reinforced that she really wanted to work with me & ensured I felt I could help her.

Yasmin’s Past

Yasmin’s life had involved physical, emotional & mental abuse from various people inside & outside the family, she wasn’t encouraged to take action on this, in fact the opposite was true, so Yasmin felt she couldn’t speak about the events. This traps energy in the throat chakra – the centre of communication as well as the heart chakra which is the seat of emotion.

Both parents came from abusive family backgrounds so there was ancestral trauma in the mix too.

Over the years, Yasmin got involved in relationships that were ‘unsafe’ & which threatened her, it’s as though she couldn’t keep away from people who could hurt her & cause her pain.

Yasmin was very well travelled, she’d been to lots of places and had even lived abroad, this it transpired was her trying to ‘run away’ from her life, her past & her emotions. Whenever life got too much or she felt overwhelmed by other people or circumstance, she’d disappear abroad until she felt able to return and cope or things had changed on their own. This strategy may be fun for a while & may have provided respite, but it’s not the right solution & sadly the mind is still carrying the stress & pain.

Yasmin’s Present

When Yasmin came to me, her life was incredibly stable, however, Yasmin had behaviour patterns that caused her pain & upset, this again was a legacy from her childhood, nobody in her family, including Yasmin seemed to have boundaries or respect those of others.

Yasmin had no idea what to expect from me and our sessions, to be fair it isn’t easy to explain as it’s an intuitive process.


In the sessions we ‘talked’ to the pain in her body and asked it to show/tell us about its origin & what purpose it was serving. Basically, her physical and emotional selves couldn’t keep carrying the pain but as it had been ignored for so many years, the body ‘felt’ it had no choice but to send a message that would make Yasmin take notice & action.

We used her personal time travel ability – we all have it – to go back & reframe her past experiences & to give her younger self whatever she didn’t get at the time. We also removed the emotional & energetic debris from her physical & energetic bodies & filled the void with some beautiful Reiki.


Yasmin has now cleared her physical pain and feels she can ‘breathe again’, her family & friends are blown away at the changes in her and she asked me ‘what have you done to me, they don’t recognise me’! This is fantastic as far as everyone is concerned.

For now Yasmin doesn’t need me as she is using the tools I used with her to do more self-work. My door is always open if she needs me again, but we’ve cleared so much in those 3 sessions, she feels like a new woman!

Yasmin still has layers to clear, I always say to client’s that you can’t heal a lifetime of wounds in one session! I’ve been working on myself for years and I still have layers to clear so the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll find ‘centre’. It’s never too late to do the work.


Since the pandemic, there seems to be a rise in the prominence of those that like me, look to the emotional aspects of our life to find the root of a physical condition, here’s a few:

  • Bruce Lipton
  • Dr Rangan Chattergee
  • Bessel Van Der Kolk
  • Deb Shapiro
  • Evette Rose
  • Dr Joe Dispenza
  • Gabor Mate

Modern science is starting to see that mind-body-soul are linked, they’re not isolated & as such, we shouldn’t look to treat them in isolation. When we look at the body holistically we can work with it differently & still be effective & allow healing to take place.

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you have a health issue that’s making your life a nightmare or behaviour that isn’t making you happy? You don’t need to live with it any more, I have the skills to help you transform your life. You can decide right now to get my support & live in a more happy, empowered way.

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