Book Review: Atlantis by Diane Cooper & Shaaron Hutton

Book Review

I have just read ‘Discover Atlantis’ by Diana Cooper & Shaaron Hutton which I must say I found surprisingly good, but not as surprising as the fact I created a whole new way of thinking about why we are here, how we got here etc!

I can honestly say that I have never been a conspiracy theory or UFO person, many of you will identify with that. It’s probably due to the fact they are always portrayed in film as being less than stable, a very paranoid and usually are completely ignored by the public.  Yet, when I had finished this book the Utopia described, the ethos all the inhabitants had, the hierarchy and general set up all made perfect sense! It left me with a very different view of our world, not to mention sad that man was responsible for the disintegration of Atlantis.

Within the book, it explains how we came to be here on Earth, the story behind Adam & Eve’s mishap in the Garden of Eden & that donated rib, the Pyramids & also links back to Lemuria, Egypt, the Pharaohs & UFO’s etc. For me the best aspect was the altruistic nature of the community, the lack of petty emotions like jealousy, anger, greed etc. Sadly they all crept in and it was this which ended the powerful city of Atlantis, stripped us of many of our psychic gifts such as telepathy and left us without all the technology we had there. It is an ideal to aim for if man can ever get past their petty ways.

So regardless of where you stand on whether Atlantis exists or not I would highly recommend the book, it’s a real thought provoker. I’d be interested on anyone’s thoughts on Atlantis, so please do leave me comments.

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