Breathtaking Meditation

I just had the most breathtaking meditation and it actually made me cry! I saw myself as a beautiful Indian princess or noble woman, someone I know in this life was my husband in that life. He liked to control and to hoard, never letting go even if he did not want/use it anymore. I feel he was older than me in that life too. There was no love and I fell in love with another and wanted my freedom to get away from his controlling. Instead he broke my wrists so I was reliant on him (I have a weakness in my wrists in this life, they just suddenly go and are then alright again) and murdered the person in my affections. In this life he also hoards and it drives me nuts and has pushed me to the brink before now! I don’t hold on to things in this life in terms of physical items I tend to travel light but I do hold on to things emotionally which would tally with having broken wrists in a previous life and not wanting what he hoarded but holding on emotionally as it was all I had left! I also fear his death and our parting to the extent I’d prefer to go first rather than endure it, makes me wonder why I’ve always been attracted to older men.

The clothing was so vibrant and the life felt so real and connected but I have never really been particularly drawn to India. I was 18 before I even had a traditional curry having only had a home cooked version of it.

Interestingly curry is one of my most favourite dishes and my partners too. My partner’s mother grew up in Bombay, leaving in the 1940’s so all the links were there, almost as though we were being drawn back together in this time & this space.

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