Does Law of Attraction Work?

Liz Almond
Liz Almond

We listen to all these speakers or read all these books and articles telling us about how great Law of Attraction is, how we can change our lives with it etc. But does it work?

How many times have you asked the Universe for £200 for the car to get through it’s MoT or to pay an unexpected bill? How often have you immediately then thought ‘fat chance of that happening’ or similar ‘anti law of attraction thinking’?

It is so hard when you are having a tough day or are not in a good place in general to stay positive, to assume the Universe will hear your pleas and respond. It is not something you can master after the first attempt, it takes 40 repetitions to develop a new habit. Come & see Liz Almond from Insightful Minds at our Mind, Body, Spirit Fayre this Sunday (19/10) at 4PM as she helps us understand what we need to do to make it work. ALL TALKS ARE FREE.

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