Herne Bay Mind, Body, Spirit Fayre: Meet The Speakers

1pm Talk: Magnetic Jewellery for Health & Wellness with Lorna Howe
This is perhaps one of the oldest of the traditional healing methods dating back to Cleopatra and the pyramids of Egypt, but not so long ago it was the victim of conflicting opinions.

This is because magnetic healing wasn’t scientifically proven and there were no clinical trials. This has now changed and we now have scientific backup to prove that magnets have a beneficial impact on the body – human or animal.

The whole world is one big magnet, we have a magnetic field which we have evolved to need and have iron platelets in our blood which need a constant source of magnetic field to keep negatively polarised or they start to stick together to form strings – or “moneyrolls”. This in turn will slow down the blood flow because the blood is now “lumpy” and therefore reduces your circulation. This in turn reduces your metabolism and causes your immune system to become compromised.

The long term effect of this is that you can get high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the body’s ability to heal itself is reduced. The most important result of this, in my opinion, is that the body’s PH level then moves from an alkaline PH level to a more acidic PH level.

The more acidic the body, the more pain you can feel because your body is telling you that something is wrong. The closer you can get to an alkaline pH level the more in tune your body is to where it should be and the best thing to reset this is to spend time in a country that doesn’t have the electronic smog we find in all technologically advanced countries – think about it – how much are degenerative diseases a huge problem in the less advanced countries? The smog blocks our access to the magnetic field our bodies require from the earth’s magnetic field – to keep it simple, all our jewellery does for you is replace that…

Magnetism is a force; as previously discussed, the earth is one big magnet from the North to the South Pole. As human beings, we have evolved to need a certain amount of Magnetic Field around us. This has an effect on mankind and wildlife and it is just as important as air, water, food, and
light, but our world has changed and our natural magnetism has been diluted by electronic smog.

We all need to wear a magnet of some sort to protect us from everyday pollution, such as TV, computers, microwaves, power lines, cars, planes, trains and it goes on. These have also been connected with cancer. Some say that the pollution affects the cells in our bodies that make up human tissue. For most, it generally will not cause any harm.

Researchers have found that most electrical items should be at least 3 ft away from us, but that is almost impossible especially when working on a computer! So the benefit of wearing a magnet of some sort is a must for a chance to help your health.

2pm Talk: Intuitive Tarot With Tracy Fance
My name is Tracy Fance and I am a clairvoyant, medium, and tarot reader based in Herne Bay, Kent. I love the tarot but found the amount of information contained in them overwhelming! The books left me feeling that I needed to be an expert in all the components that make up the tarot: Symbology, Numerology, Astrology and more, so I ended up putting the books back on the shelf and the cards back in the box and left them there for years!

One day there came a need for me to get my cards out and as I was really desperate I ended up devising a way to learn the cards well enough to be able to read with them and the rest as they say is history!

Think you can’t read the tarot? Come along to my free talk at 2pm on Saturday 28th Feb and I will show you that you already can read the tarot!

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