If Only I Were Psychic!

Ever since I was a small child and old enough to read, I was fascinated by all things paranormal and I devoured every book I could lay my hands-on regarding ghosts, witches, reincarnation, spontaneous combustion and so on. I have no idea where my passion for this came from as my parents were not into it at all; in fact my dad thought it was hogwash right up until he died 2 years ago – I proved I was right, and he was wrong though and I often get messages from Dad now.

So, I know when I was little I had ‘weird dreams’ and ‘episodes’ which I thought was just me, but I closed myself down until I was ready for it again, keeping my interest alive through reading.

I recall that right up until I moved to Herne Bay in 1996 when I was in my early 20’s I was still lamenting how ‘it would be great to be psychic’ which is when I found out I was!!!!!! Sound familiar? Curious about all things psychic and wish you were psychic? Read on!

Everyone is psychic, everyone has intuition; it is just that modern life is so busy most of us have no space to allow it to develop, we’re on Facebook, Instagram, surfing the net, running kids here and there, texting, doing housework, working and the list goes on! If you want to be psychic, you have to allow yourself space to develop so here are some tips:

  • Try some mindful meditation – This is where you do yoga or go for a walk, run or the gym WITHOUT music or your phone and just allow the mind to wander – you know that feeling when you’re driving home from work and you arrive at home, oblivious to the trip home? That’s because you’ve let the mind wander and relax.


  • Meditation – There are various types of meditation but just sitting with your eyes closed and becoming aware of you, your environment and some music is a great start. This is also when Spirit are most likely to connect with you or bring you ideas and inspiration.


  • Intuition – Keep a diary, it does not need to be war and peace just bullet points are fine – allow that quiet voice to speak to you – the one that says ‘shall I take a jumper/umbrella’ etc but the louder voice stomps on it and says ‘don’t be daft, you don’t need that’ etc. Most of us hear the intuitive voice yet take notice of the louder voice!!! Write down the intuitiveness and the outcome, you’ll start to trust it with time. I always recall parking my car at a pub in their car park, my intuition said to me ‘why don’t you park on the road’ I listened to the louder voice which said ‘nah’ and then my car got reversed into whilst we were in the pub eating. Had I of listened to my intuition I’d have been fine. 99.9% of the time I listen and trust my intuition, but that has come from time, it is not something I naturally did.


  • Development Circle – The fastest and best way to develop though is to find a development circle – this is a regular place where you can go to work with a teacher who can help you to discover your psychic talents and how to work with them. If the class is full of people with egos leave! If the circle does feel right to you, leave! Be prepared to work and to be open-minded, have fun and enjoy it. This is the safest place to work until you have grown and are ready to do more.


  • Workshops – There are lots of workshops out there when you are ready, bear in mind that everyone teaches differently so you will come across many different styles, some you’ll like and some you won’t.


If you do all the above, you will be flying in no time at all!

I hope this has been useful for you, I get asked so many times about how to become psychic so thought I’d write a quick blog for you.

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