Meeting My Guides

Today I decided to have a meeting with my Guides and try to build our relationship.

I met them on a beautiful tropical island, where we sat round a table and I asked them to tell me their names, why they were with me, how long they’d been with and what advice they had for me if any.

I had 3 Guides who chose to join me and this was their input:

Tibetan Buddhist Monk – Che. Che has been with me for the last 3 year and he is here to help me learn to accept myself.

Egyptian Priest/Elder – Hatshepsut (I’m not 100% sure I got the name right so apologies). This Guide tells me he is here to help me with my need for respect & recognition which I had issues with in previous lives but in this life I am to overcome.

Samurai/Mongolian Soldier – Samir. This is my Guide who is here to help me with my Mediumship and he tells me that to grow I will need to still my mind, ‘hear’ the messages and ‘feel’ what my communicators convey to me. The stilling of the mind is ESSENTIAL if I am to grow so this is my first issue to focus on.

Native American Indian – Running Water, Straight Arrow. He seems to be with me on the Platform too.

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