Meet Your Guides Meditation

Meet Your Guides Meditation


This meditation is a downloadable file to play on any PC, tablet or smartphone.

Allow the guided meditation to take you to your sacred space where you will meet your Guide or Guides. Use this meditation to relax your body & mind so your Guides can communicate with you.

I’d be grateful if you could leave me a review of the download.

Meditating is not easy, having a guided meditation where you simply follow the cues I give you, can help you to get the most out of your meditation.

With any psychic work it is crucial that you have built a relationship with your Guide. Each skill you wish to work with will have an associated Guide who helps you; so mediumship, tarot, healing etc will each come with a Guide, you can use this meditation many times with the same Guide until you feel comfortable with them and you can then use it with each of your other Guides until you are familiar with them all.

Your main Guide is with you from birth until death whereas the other Guides can change if you need a Guide with more to offer you. Think of it like school, as you learn & grow you need a teacher who can handle the deeper knowledge needed.

The meditation can simply be downloaded and played on a smartphone, PC or tablet.

I’d be grateful if you could leave me a review of the download.

You will receive an email on completion of your purchase which will contain a download link, please check spam if it does not arrive before contacting me.



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