Reincarnation: Do We Look The Same in Each Life?

Reincarnation: Do We Look The Same?
Reincarnation: Do We Look The Same?

I am fascinated by reincarnation & past lives like many people are these days and I am intrigued by how much of our previous self we carry with us in terms of illnesses, health issues, facially and so on. I have heard various people say that it is the eyes that are the window to the soul and in any lifetime your soul group will recognise your energy by looking in your eyes. So do you think we visually look much the same in each life or do you think we look very different and are unrecognisable from life to life?

Have a look at this blog, it is uncanny…

So do you still think the same as you did before reading the blog?
It would be great to hear your thoughts and feelings about reincarnation and if you have any experiences of regression or past lives I’d be fascinated to hear about your experiences…..

I had a previous life as a 1920’s flapper girl; I was much taller than I am in this life, blonde, china blue eyes and skin like porcelain, unfortunately in that life my beauty was only skin deep and I died young, not sure how missed I would have been though!

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