Remembering Our Past Lives

Most of us have been here before; we just don’t recall it without a prompt, although there are cases of spontaneous recall such as the author Jenny Cockell who as a child remembered so much about her life as a mum of 8 in Ireland she was obsessed with finding them, feeling guilty about dying and leaving them.

Read more about Jenny and her story here

I recently listened to Jenny being interviewed and she was discussing why we do not recall our past lives, adding that she was working on ways to ensure she would recall this life should she reincarnate and it got me to thinking, surely there are reasons why we have our memories withheld?

My understanding is that we have to be a blank canvas so that we are not influenced in our actions or held back by past experiences so I am not sure that what she is trying to do is actually a good idea, the reason she recalled her past life as Mary Sutton was because of the strong emotional feelings about dying and leaving 8 children behind, that’s a common experience, it explains why we have fears or phobias as these are created by traumatic deaths that leave a strong imprint on the soul. There are also strong ties to loved ones which can surface in this life, however knowing the past wouldn’t necessarily make the present any easier.

Jenny also talked about Future Lives that can be accessed, is this possible if the future has not been written and we have freewill? Even the Akashic Records do not hold definite for future lives. Do you believe we can access future lives? Would you want to?

If you would like to experience a past life there are various ways to achieve it:

Meditation: You can try meditation and ask to be shown a previous life but you have to trust what you are given in the meditation, do not assume or fear that it is your imagination.

Hypnosis: By being hypnotised you are taken to the right mental wavelength to be able to access the memories stored in the mind, you can experience one life or a few lives.

Akashic Records: Learn to access these records for yourself and see the lives you’ve led, the contracts you have with those around you and so much more.

Past Life Reading: There are certain of us psychics that are able to access your past lives with our psychic abilities and you will find that the information retrieved will resonate for you even if it cannot always be verified. I have found my Guides always bring me confirmation of what I am shown or given in meditations or past life readings, it’s all down to faith & trust.

If you want Past Life Regression using hypnosis or a past life reading and are in the Herne Bay or Kent area then you can contact me or search in your local area if you are not local to me.

Let me know your thoughts on Past Lives, Reincarnation & Future Lives.

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  1. I have always been interested in finding out about my past life/lives. I did try this once at a psychic group training, but it didn’t go so well. A couple of people messed it up for the rest of us by pretending they were famous historical figures. I also tried a past life meditation, unfortunately I fell part way through and woke up at the end. Didn’t dream butt felt refreshed afterwards. Don’t know what that was about. Maybe you do Tracy. Would love to try to find out more though, very interested. Love the post.

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