Soul Mates & Twin Flames

I’m sure that you will have heard of Soul Mates and Twin Flames, these terms are bandied around by the spiritual community, psychics and phone readers alike, however I wonder if your knowledge is as full as it should be?

When I read for people I mostly find that they know the terms Soul Mate & Twin Flames, they assume this is what THEY are supposed to be looking for and away they go, often they’ve been told by another psychic that they are supposed to find their Twin Flame, this actually leads to deeper issues not to mention disappointment, I often find myself having to explain the whole Soul Mate/Twin Flame scenario to them, whether they want to hear it or not!

What is a Soul Mate

Soul mates are souls that we have been incarnated with many, many times and they are here for a reason and the reason is not always about romance!

We reincarnate with the same soul group time and time again. In our previous lives together we will have been siblings, parent & child, friends, enemies & of course lovers. When we incarnate this time our souls recognise each other instantly which is why we instantly click with a soul mate, ensuring we feel comfortable, relaxed and connected, often becoming very close, really quickly.

Why Do We Have Soul Mates

Soul Mates are here to either be a challenge for us or to support us with a challenge.

Let’s take an example of a person in a difficult relationship who does not feel strong enough to leave, their Soul Mate may enter the scene to give them the strength they need to leave, there are many other variations on this, take a look at your life and those in it, can you see an example of this around you?

When a Soul Mate is here to be the challenge it can get messy! Look at abusive relationships, toxic relationships and the like. Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton could not be apart but could not be together either, this is a great example of recognising a Soul Mate but misunderstanding their presence. Soul Mates do not necessarily stay in our lives, they are often passing through or they may die young, they can be here for life but don’t expect it to be the case.

We have contracts with everyone in our lives but the relationship with our Soul Mates is special, nevertheless these people are all sent to us as part of our growth, so make the most of these relationships, no matter what their context, using them as a tool to evolution & growth.

So if you are looking for your Soul Mate to be your lover & partner, ensure that you know what you are asking for, ‘be careful what you wish for’ as the saying goes! But remain open to just simply having a great relationship even if they are not your Soul Mate.

Twin Flames

Twin Flames are the yin to our yang if you look at the symbol you will see that each half has a part of the other within it, this is us & our Twin Flame.


Yin Yang Symbol
The Tao Symbol of Yin Yang

Yin / Yang : Two halves that together complete wholeness. Yin and yang are also the starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition it is unchanging and complete. So when you split something into two halves – yin / yang, it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. This starts both halves chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other

There is a spark of your soul within the other soul, with part of their soul present in you, one completes the other.


What is a Twin Flame?

Imagine your divine soul in Spirit (or Heaven, if you prefer), you are whole, you choose to incarnate for the growth of your soul, you are split at the soul level into two souls, this is now you and your twin flame. It could be said that Adam & Eve were the original Twin Flames as Eve came from the rib of Adam. You have agreed to split so you can both bring growth, spiritual evolution & experience to your Oversoul (the original whole soul you started with, part of which always resides in Spirit). To obtain this goal you both agree to go on your own journey, staying apart until it is complete, it is generally in your last incarnation that you do this, you can now both ascend together.

Unlike Soul Mates who incarnate together time & time again, Twin Flames tend to of had few, if any lives together, you will recognise each other though on a soul level because you are of ONE essence. As each soul is a complete soul, not part of one they have to find the balance within themselves, discovering the harmony within their male and female aspects. Once they have found the balance within themselves they can be reunited with their twin.

All relationships in all our other lives can be seen as practice for the Twin Flame relationship so don’t be in a hurry to rush past a relationship because you are so focused on your Twin Flame relationship.

Have I Met My Twin?

Once upon a time people were happy looking to find their Soul Mate now it seems that is not enough and they want their Twin Flame! Very few people actually find their Twin Flames, although, that being said, it is on the increase as we become more spiritually aware, as we develop as a species & as we develop ourselves all of which seems to be accelerating. Many more people are becoming ready for their Twin Flame relationship, what used to take many lives to accomplish is being accomplished in years if not months!

For Twin Flames to get together they will of accomplished their own spiritual growth so when they are reconnected they will be destined to perform much spiritual service work, it is in fact their primary reason for being reunited, through their reunion a massive creative energy is created so that it can be used for their mission together.

Many Twin Flames try to reunite but it is too early and they have not developed enough in their own right, they are not prepared for the intensity of a Twin Flame relationship. The intensity is on the soul level rather than a physical or emotional level, which is not to say those are not intense too, but this is spiritual union so this is the most intense aspect. Many people assume if they have a relationship with intense sexual chemistry they have found their Twin Flame, they are then disappointed when the relationship fails.

Twin Flames can also be platonic so don’t focus all your energy on looking for a romantic partner who is your Twin Flame also look at the people around you, it may be a business partner, a family member or a best friend.

What Can I Do To Attract My Twin Flame?

There are plenty of things you can do to facilitate a Twin Flame reunion, basically you need to accelerate your soul’s evolution, clear out all your baggage from this life and all previous lives, clearing all ties, vows and issues, it is important that you raise your vibration by moving far away from all negative energies & thoughts such as anger, jealousy, fear and so on. The hugest issue between reuniting Twin Flames is that they have their own baggage, they have not cleared everything, when in the presence of your Twin Flame there can be nothing between you that blocks the connection or lowers the frequency of either partner.

Once back together the Twin Flames will see their spiritual growth accelerates, bringing their learning of the esoteric & all other states of consciousness to a much higher level. The backgrounds of each Twin Flame will be very different as they have not spent many lives together so it is essential that you have as varied a background as is possible to ensure that you can understand & relate to your Twin Flame, even if this comes as a result of being a counsellor it allows for empathy & insight in lieu of firsthand experience.

As I stated earlier there is an enhanced spiritual connection & spiritual work for Twin Flames so expect there to be a link to Spirit & psychic work, so get developing yourself through a Psychic Development Circle in readiness.

The link between Twin Flames can often be telepathic, even to the extent that the partners have a similar connection to that of birth twins. Being in each other’s company is nourishing & fulfilling.

Be open-minded and have no expectations, look at everyone around you not just romantic partners. Simply having your Twin Flame in your life is more than most can expect, be happy at whatever their relationship to you.

I’d love to know if you have met your Twin Flame or Soul Mate, do get in contact.

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