The Soul Star Chakra

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’ve read my past newsletters on the chakra system, I am sure you are familiar with the chakra system & its function but are you aware of the 9th chakra or Soul Star Chakra? Many people are only familiar with the main seven chakras, so I thought I’d share more information with you about the 9th chakra.

The Soul Star Chakra is located about 6 inches above the crown chakra (top of the head) & is the bridge from the human to the spiritual realms.

By connecting to our 9th chakra we are able to connect to the Higher Self which is the home of our inner truth, where we can ask any question & receive pure truth, unsullied by our ego, desire etc. It is also where we find the Akashic Records which is the spiritual library for all the lives we’ve had are having and are yet to have.

Connecting to your Higher Self is central to your spiritual work as it will always guide you without taking into account your ego, your likes & dislikes or any other human clutter, it is the repository for your spiritual self (we are just a projection of the Higher Self), it holds all the information for your spiritual journey, the soul contracts you have agreed to and your soul purpose. The Higher Self has all the information on past lives and the experiences they held for us. The Higher Self is also where you will find any karmic ties, residues & out dated patterns which need to be cleared out for us to evolve spiritually.

By connecting to & opening your 9th chakra you will reveal talents that you were previously unaware of such as the ability to astral travel, telepathic abilities, clairvoyance/clairaudience etc, your intuitive gifts will strengthen too, this may sound a bit overwhelming, but remember that you will never be given any gift you are not ready for.

The Higher Self is where we can find out our Soul Purpose, Soul Contracts & more – the Higher Self has a clear view of what the human self is here to accomplish, unlike us humans whose vision of our path is veiled. Once you have connected to this chakra you can access the information held here at any time.

The 9th chakra is also where we learn on a spiritual level to love unconditionally, allow compassion for our fellow soul’s who we realise are on their own path, just like us. The divine love once felt by us is so beautiful & will become reflected in your actions as you spread it to those around you.

For those of you who wish to connect to your Soul Star Chakra I have created a meditation which you can purchase for just £4.99.

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