The Not So Secret Life of Pets

Many people think their pet is telepathic or psychic, do you believe your pet is or that you had a pet who was? You’d be in the majority! Those who really feel an affinity with animals are sure this is the case, others just laugh and shrug it off. There are many example of psychic pets, let’s explore this a bit more.

I’m sure you will have heard the story about Lord Carnarvon, at the moment of his death in Egypt, his faithful hound in the UK howled the house down, there is no way the dog could have known that his master was dead unless they had a telepathic link between them.

Over the years there has been plenty of stories, TV programmes and anecdotal evidence to support psychic animals, with many owners saying that even if the beloved master changed their time of returning home, took a different route or method of travel their pet would sit by the door at a certain time, would stop what they were doing, prick up their ears and go sit and wait for the master and of course they’d arrive home at the exact time the pet knew they were coming. I’m sure if the master arrived home at 5pm every night and the dinner was put on the table and the car made a noise coming up the road this could all be classed as coincidence or association, but researchers tried to trick the animals and it did not work, the pets did not race home or get up and go to sit by the door.

My partner tells stories of a friend’s dog who would know he was coming 4 streets away and bound to the door – I joked it was his driving – but he said no matter which car or motorbike, the dog knew he was coming. At the very least animals are very intuitive and in my world, that is the same things as being psychic.

Have you heard of the dogs whose job it is to smell cancer? Nothing psychic going on there, they can just smell the biochemical changes and so they pick up the cancer which is still amazing! What about dolphins though? There are many stories of dolphins creating a defensive ring around a person, only for them to find out they had undiagnosed cancer, on an. Intuitive level they know that the human with them is ill and needs protection.

There are also many stories of animals who knew the person they loved was in trouble, with some going to extraordinary lengths to get to the person in question, sometimes finding them in snow drifts, lost in the wilderness or trapped in a building etc. I have had pets over the years and there were many times as a kid one particular cat always seemed to know when I needed his support and love, he was often nowhere to be found, he was just one of those cats who’d disappear for the day and most of the night, only coming home to eat then going back out again. Patch just had a radar that was tuned to me, I never saw him do that for anyone else in the house, I am not alone on this, many of my friends and clients with fur babies tell me the same thing, their animals are highly empathic and very intuitive.

Many of my clients and friends tell me their stories of pets they’ve lost but still have contact with, they’re select who they tell these tales to as many people just scoff at them. Shirley MacLaine the actress is adamant that her dog is her soul mate and the reincarnation of a loved one. A friend of mine still feels her lost cat communication with them and their current cat, we often joke about it, the two cats are so different in personality yet from time to time he will do something out of character for him but not for Jake the previous cat.

Some friends of my partner lost their elderly dog but when our friend is out walking she says she often gets a glimpse of the dog, it Is not their imagination because their dog is quite an unusual breed these days and rarely do you come across another Chow in our area. She often gets to see her beloved pet, along with a feeling of love and happiness.

I truly believe that animals are incredibly intuitive and whilst they are here on earth they will use that ability all the time, once they pass, I believe that they can come in around us, exactly the same way our lost human loved ones do, they are with us always, so if you have lost a beloved pet, know they are with you always, until it is time for you to be back together again.

Next time you feel your pet is psychic and someone laughs at you, don’t let them make you doubt yourself, you know your pet better than they do.

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