What’s In A Reading?

What’s In A Reading?

‘My job’ sounds wrong as I don’t see what I do as a job. ‘Vocation’ sounds a bit up myself so don’t like that either. If I say it’s my ‘hobby’, that seems to demean what I do so it is hard to know how to describe what I do but all that aside I am passionate about what I do, how I help people and grow myself too. It saddens me that many people come at this aspect of our lives from the wrong perspective but don’t generally have any interest in amending this it leads to all sorts of misconceptions not to mention problems.

If I had a £1 for the amount of times a person rings and wants to see me today for a reading I’d be rich. They have not asked how I work or what I charge or even found out where I live so I find that frequently we’ve got as far as booking the appointment when they’ve suddenly realised I’m in Herne Bay but it is too far for them to travel, or they asked me the cost of the reading only to baulk when I tell them it’s £20 or whatever it is.

I wish there was a way to educate people that although readings can be a bit of fun they are more than that, they should take the matter more seriously and think about what it is they want & need rather than just picking a reader and assume they will get what they want from it?

I offer a range of different readings as I am a clairvoyant, a medium and a tarot reader and although I can push the mediumship aside if they don’t want it I cannot switch off everything so there is a need for them to understand more about how each reader works, two mediums will work very differently from each other so cannot really be compared.

Mediums connect with loved ones in Spirit.

Clairvoyants or psychics are able to offer guidance on the here and now as well as the future.

Free Will can be invoked at any time to change a psychic reading unless it is one of those pivotal moments in our life that was meant to happen regardless of our choices. Most things in life are open to free will, this is another reason that any reader who says they are 100% accurate is wrong plus we also can misinterpret information given to us by Spirit or loved ones in spirit as we are only human.

Names are a real sticking point with many people when having a reading and they seem to feel if we cannot name the person then the information is invalid or less valuable. Surely memories from their time with us or details about their passing and personality are more solid? If a reader told me they had ‘John’ it could be one of several I’ve lost so does not really form real evidence of survival. Your free will can also have an adverse affect on a reading and its outcome; Once you have had your reading it is not possible to simply sit back and wait for it to unfold because your actions are what makes it come together. Let’s face it if I saw a new job for somebody it won’t happen if they do not take the action to get head hunted or put applications in, the employers generally don’t ring us and ask if we’d like a job! The responsibility is down to you to meet the Universe half way.

Timescales is such a tricky issue as there is no time in Spirit which I always hate to say as it sounds like a cop out but it is true, Spirit do not need watches or clocks only we need to define time. Many times I’ve heard of a person being told an event will happen in June and it does but maybe 1-3 years after the timescale specified. I tend to have quite a good reputation for timescales but I would still never guarantee a timescale.

Your loved ones hardly change once they pass over so if Granny was a cow in real life she won’t become all love and light from passing, you would not recognise her if she did! That being said though, once we get to Spirit (Heaven) we are able to drop the human emotions which block us from seeing life the right way so it is possible that Granny may have said whilst alive ‘if you bury me next to so and so I’ll come back and haunt you’ only to say during a reading ‘don’t worry about where you buried me, it is not important’.

It also does not matter if you did not know the relatives and loved ones coming through, if Dad died before you were born you are still his daughter and so he will still come through, he will still be around your children too keeping an eye out for them. I am adopted yet my natural family come through every time, even though I have to ask my birth mum to identify them for me! I trust that they know who they are and how they relate to me and the information they bring is equally valid even if I cannot place them.

I have no control over who comes through for you so it may be Aunty Vi who you hated, your brother who recently passed or the daughter of the lady next door because she desperately needs the message. I can use a photo to help build a link to the right person but if they cannot or will not connect to me then I cannot change that so never go with your heart set on a particular person coming to you.

Cost is another issue as there is no set price, with readings varying between £20-£50 pounds for varying amounts of time. You should not let finances be the main criteria though as you should go to a reader you are drawn to and if you were drawn to them it is because Spirit are telling you they can work with that reader to get you what you need.

Waiting List If you really want a reading then expect to have to wait, good readers are busy and cannot drop everything just to accommodate you. If you were drawn to a particular reader then wait to see them, so many times at events people have been put off by the length of a readers list so picked another reader and then found they did not get what they wanted or could not connect as the reader they originally picked was the one they should have been with.

There is so much more background you need to know as a person looking for a reader but this is a good start. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about choosing a reader, a reading type, how it works etc.

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