Why Our Spirit Guides Lie to Us

Why Our Spirit Guides ‘Lie’ to Us

As a spiritual being here on earth, you have a support team in Spirit should you wish to work with them which includes Spirit Guides. These ethereal beings are there to offer wisdom, guidance, and support as we  Bird Spirit Guide navigate our earthly existence. However, there are times when it seems they may not be entirely truthful, or at least not in a straightforward manner. 

Recently I’ve been needing some really definite guidance from my Spirit Guides & following all the usual rules & I asked for really specific signs, for Q1 I asked for the Taj Mahal as a sign, for Q2 The Eiffel Tower & for Q3 I asked for elephants, all of which they gave me in answer to my questions. I got so excited, then the deadlines came and went, with no sign of what I needed coming, I was so gutted but also I was mystified as to why my Spirit Guides had apparently ‘lied’ to me. I needed to know more & understand this better.

Why might this be the case? How can we overcome this apparent deception, and what might our spirit guides require from us before they can provide the guidance we seek? Let’s delve into these intriguing questions.

The Nature of Spirit Guide Communication

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that our guides operate on a different plane of existence. Their understanding of time, reality, and purpose is not the same as it is for us humans, they don’t do clocks, watches & diaries! We might be told a certain event such as meeting someone will happen in June but they don’t always specify WHICH June! They haven’t lied to us, they just weren’t specific enough. 

So, what might appear as a lie or misleading information from our perspective may be their way of gently steering us towards a necessary experience or lesson. Spirit Guides often communicate in symbols, metaphors, and sometimes through seemingly contradictory messages, all designed to foster our growth and evolution. I’ve found this to be incredibly frustrating over the years as I’m sure you have too.

Reasons for Perceived ‘Lies’

  1. Teaching through Experience:
    • Growth Through Struggle: Often, the most profound lessons come through personal struggle and overcoming obstacles. Our Guides might seemingly mislead us to ensure we embark on a journey that, while difficult, is ultimately transformative.
    • Learning Trust and Discernment: By facing situations where we feel misled, we learn to trust our intuition and develop discernment rather than reliance on others. This is crucial for spiritual growth, as it strengthens our inner guidance.
  2. Aligning with Divine Timing:
    • Patience and Timing: Spirit Guides understand the importance of divine timing. They might delay or obscure certain information to ensure that we are ready to receive it when the time is right. This ensures that the guidance is most effective and impactful.
    • Building Faith: The journey of faith often requires moving forward without complete knowledge or certainty. This can build a deeper trust in the process and in the unseen support we have.
  3. Preventing Overwhelm:
    • Gradual Unfolding: Too much information too soon can be overwhelming. Spirit Guides might withhold certain truths to protect us from becoming overloaded, allowing us to assimilate wisdom at a manageable pace.
    • Focus on the Present: By not revealing everything at once, they encourage us to focus on the present moment, which is where true power and transformation lie.
    • Freewill; By giving us information too far in advance we may make decisions that are not right for us, whilst not knowing an outcome, creates different freewill choices that will be right for us.
    • Soul Contracts: It may be that we have a soul contract with someone else & if we were given certain information at the wrong time, our decisions may impact theirs.

Overcoming the Challenges

  1. Strengthening Intuition:
    • Meditation and Mindfulness: Regular practice of meditation and mindfulness can help us attune to the subtle energies and messages from our spirit guides, improving our clarity and understanding.
    • Journaling: Keeping a spiritual journal can help track patterns, symbols, and messages, providing insight into the guidance we receive over time.
  2. Cultivating Patience:
    • Embrace Uncertainty: Accepting that not all answers will come immediately can reduce frustration. Trust that the guidance will unfold in perfect timing.
    • Faith in the Process: Developing faith in the spiritual journey and in our spirit guides can ease the feeling of being misled.
  3. Engaging in Self-Reflection:
    • Understanding Personal Needs: Reflecting on our desires and needs can reveal why certain guidance is given or withheld. Sometimes, what we want is not aligned with our highest good, and our spirit guides know this.
    • Embracing Lessons: Seeing challenges as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles can shift our perspective, making us more receptive to the guidance provided.

What Spirit Guides Might Need from Us


If we are not careful, our connection to our Spirit Guides can be very one way, with us always asking them to help us, without giving in return. When I was told this, I was left wondering what the heck they could possibly need from us!

  1. Commitment to Growth:
    • Willingness to Learn: Spirit Guides are more likely to provide clear guidance when they see a genuine commitment to personal and spiritual growth.
    • Openness to Change: Being open to change and new experiences can facilitate more direct communication and support from our guides.
  2. Authentic Intention:
    • Pure Intentions: Approaching Spirit Guides with pure intentions and a sincere heart can strengthen the connection and ensure that the guidance we receive is aligned with our true purpose.
    • Clear Requests: Making clear and specific requests for guidance can help our spirit guides understand exactly what we need, allowing them to respond more effectively.
  3. Reciprocal Relationship:
    • Offering Gratitude: Regularly expressing gratitude for the guidance received can deepen the relationship and make us more receptive to future messages.
    • Service to Others: Engaging in acts of kindness and service can raise our vibration, making it easier for spirit guides to connect and communicate with us.


The journey with our Spirit Guides is one of trust, patience, and mutual growth. While it might seem at times that our guides are misleading us, it is often a reflection of their broader perspective and understanding of our life’s path. By strengthening our intuition, cultivating patience, and fostering a reciprocal relationship, we can overcome these challenges and deepen our connection with our spiritual helpers. In doing so, we open ourselves to profound guidance and support, enriching our spiritual journey.

So, whilst I sit and wait for the event that I was asking my Spirit Guides for guidance on to finally happen, I’m working on my relationship with my Spirit Guides. I’m channelling my energies into other projects – who knows who I will have transformed into by the time events finally unfold. I trust my intuition which is telling me that the time is almost upon me, I just wish my intuition could mark the date on the calendar! I’m also working on understanding what it is my Guides are helping me to understand about the bigger picture here.

Have your Spirit Guides ever mislead you or lied to you? Let me know what happened & whether you got there eventually, with or without your Guides! 

On my workshop Meeting & Working With Your Spirit Guide, we’ll cover topics like this & lots more!

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