10 Tips For Psychic Development

There are certain questions I get asked frequently, one of the top ones is ‘what would you recommend I do to develop my psychic skills’


This is always an important part of a psychic’s development and without this cornerstone you will limit yourself and what you will accomplish.

  • Ideally meditate daily but at least 3 times per week if not more
  • Start with 5 minutes but build up to 20 minutes each time you meditate

Know Your Guides

  • Meditate regularly
  • Ask your Guides to talk to you and build a relationship with them
  • Keep a journal of your meditations and interactions with your Guides


  • Work on trusting the information you get given by Spirit
  • Work with people who will give you objective and constructive critiscism


  • Take part in workshops & exercises to help you build confidence in your abilities
  • Stretch yourself but don’t overstretch as this will kill your confidence


  • Set your intention to work with Spirit & they will work with you
  • Know what you want from each exercise you do i.e. confirmation, evidence, stillness


  • Expect to have to learn over a long period and to commit to being regular, sporadic is no good.

Circle Work

  • Finding & joining a good circle are imperative
  • Expect to pay anything up to £10 a session and to have to travel to find a good circle
  • Ensure you feel comfortable in the circle you join, it has to be right

Circle is the perfect place to find your confidence, build your trust with Spirit & meet your Guides, it is also the perfect place to make any mistakes and discover how your gifts work.



  • Be prepared for a long yet fulfilling journey, this is not an overnight thing


The more you question the better! Don’t take anything at face value, ask all the questions you need to of the experts around you, read all the books you can get your hands on, sit and meditate often and ask your Guides to show you the answers and allow your intuition to ascertain what resonates for you and what does not. It may be you need the information in a different format to be able to digest it, much like learning Algebra at school, it may be you and your teacher did not speak the same language but a parent explained it again making all the pieces fall into place!

Not everyone is an expert, they only know what they know & believe so question what you are told until you are satisfied that what you believe is the truth. I was always led to believe ‘All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums’ but that is wrong, I have questioned it, investigated it and found that it is all about vibrations and if you do not vibrate at a high level you cannot connect to the Spirit world and will only be able to work psychically. So do not accept anything as fact without allowing room to question it, especially if it just does not feel right.

Healthy Living

I am the first person to admit I don’t live like a saint! I love a steak with a glass of my favourite wine but I also have to accept it lowers my vibration, so I don’t expect you to give up alcohol and meat but you will see that your vibration is better without those in your life. The same goes for smoking and drugs, even prescription drugs so eradicate everything you can. Being overweight will also reduce your vibration so the healthier your lifestyle the better.

  • Exercise regularly even if you just go for a walk, do yoga or T’ai Chi
  • Eat as healthy as possible, chicken or fish and lots of fresh veg are ideal & organic if possible.
  • Avoid stress, depression, anger, fear, negativity and being judgemental as these all lower your vibration too.
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs and other stimulants or depressants.

Good luck with your development, it’s easier than you think, really fulfilling & fun.

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