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The Herne Bay Mind, Body, Spirit Fayre is almost here, join us Sunday the 28th June at the Kings Hall for free talks, stalls selling arrange of items & services related to the Mind, Body & Spirit. There will be psychic readings available plus our therapists & healers will be on hand to offer treatments.

The ethos of our Mind, Body, Spirit Fayres is to help give you access to a range of psychic services, tools and information so you can expand your awareness. Come along and see what is on offer, talk with our exhibitors and get direction or answer or simply soak up the energy!

Our FREE talks are:

1pm – Intuitive Tarot with Tracy Fance

Tracy Fance will show you that we can all read the tarot.
Tracy Fance will show you that we can all read the tarot.


The tarot is a much misunderstood & maligned tool, it is not evil and it does not predict death & destruction! The tarot is a tool to open the psychic door thus helping the information to flow, in much the same way that a person may hold an item of jewellery to connect in a reading. The tarot is made up of many layers and puts many people off learning it because of it’s complexity. Come along to my talk and by the time you leave YOU will be able to read the tarot! Find Out More About Tracy Fance

2pm – Runes & Rune Magic with Trevor Hubbard

My beautiful picture
Trevor Hubbard

The Runes are an ancient tool, having been passed down from generation to generation but in our modern times many people do not understand their meaning and their uses. Trevor will help you understand everything you need to know about the history of the runes, their use and how to interpret them. The Runes also have magic properties and are still used in many fantasy fiction stories such as Harry Potter and on-line games such as Runescape so they are still part of our modern world.

3pm – Hypnotherapy with Matisse Martin

Matisse Martin

Matisse is a qualified Hypnotherapist and excels at helping people solve a myriad of issues. Come and find out how this relaxing yet effective therapy can help virtually everyone with their individual fears, worries, concerns and habits: from the fear of spiders to more complex issues such as weight loss, stress or anxiety reduction, stopping smoking and sleep problems. It is a fascinating subject and Matisse will explain the process to you. If you wish, you can join in with a short relaxation trial at the end of her talk. Find out more about Matisse on her website

4pm – Psychic Development with Jill Larking

Jill Larking

Ever wondered if you were psychic? Ever thought you were psychic? Ever wanted to find out how to work with the gifts you have been given? Join Jill Larking as she shows you that we are ALL psychic plus she will get you working & prove to you that you are psychic & can use it. Enjoy! Find out more about Jill Larking

See you on the 28th June 2015 from midday, to get more info click here.

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