12 Signs Spirit Are Trying to Communicate with You

12 Signs of Spirit Trying to Communication with You

I always say to my clients that we are all psychic, we truly are we just need the space to let them into our lives. Modern life is crammed, most minutes of most days, we are far too busy with our lives; TV, movies, Facebook, Twitter, computer games etc so our mind is occupied all the time.  Facebook Image

If we can just take 5-10 minutes to be in our own space we will be more aware of Spirit around us, it may be loved ones, Guides, angels or even lost souls who are not aware they have passed over. I know you are probably already thinking ‘yeah right, 5-10 minutes to myself? Chance would be a fine thing’. It is easier than you think; do you sit and have a quick coffee/tea break before attacking the housework or picking the kids up? Do you run or go to yoga or some other type of exercise? Do you walk the dog or walk to go get the kids from school or on your way to work? This is all perfect for communicating with Spirit. So use this time wisely & strengthen the connection with Spirit.
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Of course some of you will naturally be aware of Spirit around you, even if you don’t work with them daily.

Whether you are aware of them already or simply want to be more aware of Spirit in your life here is a list of the 12 most common ways Spirit will communicate with us.

  • Sensing a presence (clairsentience) – Have you ever sort of woken up in the middle of the night but are not fully conscious? Ever felt you are not alone? This is very common & sometimes you will feel the bed dip as your loved one comes to sit with you.
  • Hearing a voice (clairaudience) – How many times have you sworn you heard someone call your name yet when you prick up your ears or respond there is no response?
  • Touch – Many people report feeling a ‘poke’ or their hair being stroked, this is usually a loved one trying to get your attention or bringing comfort/healing to you.
  • Smell (clairolfactory) –Ever got a waft or perfume, Brylcream, aftershave or cigarette smoke, engine oil or even Granny’s favourite flowers? That’s one of the easiest ways to show you that they are with you.
  • Visual (clairvoyance) – Most people I speak to expect Spirit to materialise in front of them which would freak them right out! But actually, although this does happen, albeit less frequently for most people, a loved one might just pop into your head much as if I told you to visualise Mum or Dad etc you could see them in your mind’s eye, this is clairvoyance, for some people this can be more like an animated video in their head.
  • Visions (premonitions or predictions) – this is more common than people realise, probably because when it happens we chalk it up to our imaginations.
  • Twilight meets (going to sleep) – That moment when we are just nodding off in the armchair or in bed but are not fully asleep is the perfect time to meet a loved one, we write it off as shadows playing with us though.
  • Dreams (seeing loved ones) – probably 90 % of those who have recall of their dreams will have dreams about their lost loved ones or even that of close friends loved ones, this is because we are so controlled in our day to day lives that Spirit find it easiest to access us in our dreams. It is also less threatening than appearing at the bottom of the bed!
  • Out of body – Ever woken up exhausted even though you had a good night’s sleep? Ever been convinced your loved ones were with you too? This is when your loved ones have summoned you to meet them on the Astral Plane. It can also be when you are out working, healing around the globe, this is called ‘Night Walking’ & accounts for those people swearing blind they’ve met you, whilst you are adamant you have never met them! It is also how some people awake ‘knowing’ that a relative has passed in the night only to have it confirmed later in the day.
  • Person to person such as a phone call – Spirit love technology! Ever picked up the phone only to find the line silent, without even a ring tone? These calls can last seconds, minutes or hours, this is a loved one calling to let you know they are ok, or to check you are ok. It can be confirmation of a question you’ve asked them in your head too.
  • Physical phenomenon – Ever had your keys or the TV remote go missing but you KNOW that it was in a certain place as that is where you always leave them? This can be Spirit moving it either to prevent a situation from happening (a car accident if you’d left on time etc) or to be playful, this is why this activity is mostly related to young Spirit energies such as children & teenagers but can also be your prankster uncle etc.
  • Symbolic – Ever been in a situation where you have called on loved ones in Spirit for an answer to a problem or confirmation of a decision you’ve made? Look for an answer or confirmation that is symbolic, if you are asking Mum what flowers to get for her funeral and keep seeing tins of Roses, hearing songs about roses or even pictures with Roses in then this is Mum saying ‘I want roses’. You may be trying to ask Dad whether you are doing the right thing getting divorced; if you keep hearing D.I.V.O.R.C.E on the radio or getting junk mail from divorce solicitors, that is a YES!

Spirit like to keep things simple, it is us that like to complicate things, it is not even about if they would of approved were they physically here, it’s about helping to guide us through the pitfalls of life.

Go and take more notice of what happens around you.


Love & Light


Tracy Fance x


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