Reiki; More Than Just A Therapy

Most of us are familiar with Reiki even if we don’t practice it ourselves, however many people are unaware of the scope of things that Reiki can be used on. Here are a few to get you thinking.


If your car does not like starting in the cold winter mornings, just send some Reiki to help rejuvenate, this can be used on any temperamental machinery.


Got a big event coming up or a situation which you really need to go well? Send the future situation Reiki to ensure it goes smoothly; don’t forget to send it to yourself too!


Got a difficult colleague or loved one? Send them Reiki, it will only work to their Highest Good so can do no harm; it will calm them, making them easier to work with.


Reiki can be used on all animals, I know many people who use Reiki on horses, their pets and those animals in the garden that need it so spread the love.

Food & Drink

Much of our food these days is below par in terms of nutritional value with the ground being over used; send the fruit & veg you buy Reiki to ensure the nutrition comes out in full. By using Reiki in food when cooking all your loved ones will ingest it, we all know that food made ‘with love’ tastes the best! What better way to get the most out of your food? Use it on drinks too, even the water you buy in bottles or from the tap.


Reiki can help reduce the hunger pangs, the choices you make when it comes to your food plus it can speed up the digestive process to help you metabolise the food.


Ever need the weather on your side for some reason? Use Reiki to help things along, it can make the rain clouds drop their cargo so you can now be assured it won’t rain when you don’t need it to. It can make the sun come out when you need it to also. You can just put your Reiki shield around you too, this will keep you warmer & drier.


If you have to take vitamins, minerals & supplements or even prescription drugs, give them some Reiki before taking them as this will make them more effective but without the side effects they can sometimes have, plus it will render the chemical by products useless.


Remember Prince Charles getting lambasted for talking to his plants? It really is not so silly! Talk to your plants & vegetables but also give them Reiki, send it direct or send it to the water you plan to use on the plants.

Spirit Loved Ones Just Passed Over

When someone loses a loved one it is hard for all parties, by sending Reiki to those left behind and to the person passed, it will make the transition easier for all.


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