The 3rd Chakra, Clients & Psychic Cords

Connecting Cords Between You & Clients

Recognise these symptoms in you?

  • Lack of energy which just does not seem to respond to any treatments
  • Constantly thinking of someone or they keep popping into your head
  • Feeling drained after speaking to a certain person & better once they have gone
  • Feel that you are unable to let go of past events & to live in the now
  • Have a ‘fog’ around your Soul Purpose
  • Feel off balance or not quite yourself
  • Feel overly emotional for no particular reason (i.e. not PMT or loss etc)
  • Dull headaches or muzzy headed feeling
  • Psychic/intuitiveness seems to be off par or not as clear as usual

Whether you are working in the light or not, you still ‘connect’ with people emotionally, mentally & sometimes physically, it is worth bearing in mind at this point that even if they are no longer around you or in your life you can still be connected & this can have a profound effect on you.

When working in the light which involves using the 3rd eye or Brow Chakra we can create these ties to people which need clearing from time to time, much like the browser cache on your computer.

If you were to sit comfortably in the same way you do to meditate, just still your mind and then send your awareness up from your first chakra to your crown chakra and scan them to see what you can feel or see. Then starting at the root again go back over your chakras and cleanse them, focus on the heart chakra & 3rd eye chakra as these are the two that hold the most cords to people around us who we have helped and/or worried about.

Do a 3rd scan and you should find these cords have cleared you should find the symptoms above lift, leaving you feeling so much better but you may also feel unwell, nauseous etc initially as those cords lift because of the emotional aspects. Drink plenty of water & ground yourself to ensure the effects dissipate quickly.

In the future stay more vigilant on this aspect of your wellbeing as you need to maintain the protection from these effects building up again.

A great crystal to help with the cleansing is Stibnite or Antimonite which looks like charcoal to find out more about this crystal and how it works have a look at this website

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